Wire Topiary Frames Garden Nursery Landscaping Guide

Wire Topiary Frames To Create Your Landscape Centerpiece

Wire topiary frames are becoming quite popular, especially as centerpieces in the front or backyard. They are even used for special events like weddings, parties and other social occasions.

These days, it is easy to make a shape of an animal or a person or a chosen design using wire topiary frames and topiary plants. You do not have to be a full time sculptor, to create these wonderful shapes.

Many of us love the look of a manicured landscape adorned with artfully designed topiary plants. Years ago, you would have to be a skilled plant sculptor to achieve this look. Today, wire topiary frames provide a way to create a beautiful scene on your own.

Twist And Bend Into Any Shape

We can consider the frames to be the backbone of the arrangement. Wire topiary frames offer forms for your project. These devices are wonderful because they allow you to twist and bend them into just about any shape that you want.

You can make all sorts of beautiful forms using the wire topiary frames. All you need is select a general shape that appeals to you and you are well on your way to creating a masterpiece for your display. There are some options to consider when choosing one of the many wire topiary frames on the market.

Live Growing Arrangement Or An Artificial Arrangement

The first thing that you need to consider is whether you want live, growing arrangements or whether you want an artificial arrangement. The wire topiary frames that are designed for living plants are a little different than the ones designed for artificial plants. Choosing between the two should be a no-brainer.

If you are a beginner, then you may want to practice working with the smaller wire topiary frames designed for artificial plants. As you hone your skills, you can begin working with more complex living arrangements. Soon you will find that this natural art form is addictive.

Wire Topiary Frames For Artificial Centerpieces

I started using wire topiary frames for artificial centerpieces used at my wedding reception. Guests were allowed to take them home and to my surprise, this became a bit of a problem because they were so popular. I decided to make more presentations using the wire topiary frames to use as gifts.

As my interest in this art form began to grow, I started to delve into living arrangements. There are wire topiary frames that are preformed and ready to go. You can choose traditional garden shapes or adorable garden animals.

Perfect For Outdoor Use

These wire topiary frames are designed to resist rust and are perfect for outdoor use. They are formed and sprayed with a protective coating. Some of the planting forms are covered in moss that helps to keep the plant moist.

Soon, I hope to graduate to more complex intricate designs that I create myself. Working with wire topiary frames has been a rewarding hobby that has beautiful benefits.

One of the benefits is they help improve the landscape around my home. Visitors comment on my use of wire topiary frames and ask me about my techniques. I have helped some of my friends install wire topiary frames on their yard.

I have recently created a couple of new shapes to look like active animals. These help keep birds from eating too much fruit from my fruit trees. I do not mind birds eating some of the fruit, but recently they came to my fruit trees and ate all of the fruit.

After I placed a number of animal shapes in wire topiary frames, the birds seem to come less often. As a result, I have more fresh fruit to feed my family and friends.

As you can see, wire topiary frames can be used in ways other than decoration.

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