What are Zero Turn Radius Lawn Mowers

Mowing lawns can be a backbreaking experience, not to mention a time-consuming ordeal. Mowing, however, is an arduous job only for those who use the wrong tools for the job. With today’s technology, some who can afford a little bit of luxury in everything can enjoy mowing lawns like a stroll in the park.

The Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Those who said mowing lawns can never be fun haven’t tried zero turn lawn mowers. Zero turn lawn mower is a powerful accurate machine that could help you trim lawn grasses into shape even without your feet touching the ground the entire process. Zero turn lawn mowers are the F-14 of the lawns. These babies can really mow lawns with the accuracy of a reel mower and the speed of a big tractor. The secret of its accuracy is already in the name – zero turn radius. That means you don’t need any angle or space to let the mower turn, making sure all grass are trimmed in one turn. They could zero-in on the untrimmed grasses on the edges near the pavement, under the tree or near ornamental plants without chipping the roadway or cutting the wrong plant. And best of all, they can do it in record time. You can throw away your walk mower because this let you trim your lawns at 9 mph. What could be better than transforming your backyard savannah into a golfer’s paradise just before lunchtime?

What are the Costs?

Of course, the added luxury and effortlessness will cost you more than the conventional walk mowers will. The price of zero turn riding lawn mower today fetches from £2000 to £5000 a piece. The price of zero turn lawn mower, however, should be considered after performance. Zero turn lawn mowers allows anybody who wants to do away with mowing their lawn themselves do so with professional landscaper’s accuracy.
There are other options for people who feel spending £4000 for mowing grass ten minutes every week is way too much. If you are not a avid lawn mower fan and you want to spend the money elsewhere, there are also a bunch of people who rent their zero turn mowers out. You can rent a zero turn mower once a week to take care of the mowing requirement of your lawn. You can also consider buying second-hand zero turn mowers, which costs significantly less than brand new one. You can purchase a good quality secondhand mower for a little over £1500 and experience the mowing lawns the luxurious way for less.

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