What are Lawn Plugs

Just what are lawn plugs? They are just like commercials you see on television for hair restoration, you know the ones. They take little clumps of hair from one part of your head, and implant them into your bald spot, and new hair starts to grow. The same is true with a lawn plug. You have a couple of choices here though. There are tools you can buy that are similar to a lawn aerator, they remove small sections, usually about two to three inches square, and use these ‘plugs’ in other parts of your yard where there is not grass, or where you have a bald spot in your lawn.

You can do it this way, or you can order grass lawn plugs from either a lawn and garden center or online. One word of warning, there are many different types of grass plugs available, but you have to know which varieties will grow the best in your climate without damage. You should check with local dealers in your area to find out which varieties grow in your community.

Not only can you use lawn plugs to fill in bare patches, but you can also use them as an alternative way to put in a new landscaping project. You would simply clear away the area where you want your lawn to go first, until it is flat and level. Then you can either buy a special tool that will form a perfect plug whole, or you can use a small have shovel to pop out a little section of the soil. You will want to plant each plug in the warmer seasons, and plant them twelve inches apart. You can use any standard ruler for this. You will then just plant the plugs in the holes, at ground level, and tap each one tightly into it’s hole. Keep doing this with each row, also keeping the rows 12″ apart, until you are done. This method is similar to planting a garden as well.

While not drowning it, you will want to keep the lawn watered regularly until it establishes a foot hold in the ground. There are advantages of using lawn plugs. One of them is to path up spots in your yard. These plugs also have established grass plants, not seeds, so they won’t get eaten by grain eating animals. They grow faster than just planting grass seed, and are more hearty, since they are already considered starter plants. It is also much cheaper than hiring one of those lawn guys that spray on landscaping, and allows it to grow. Many times these services mean well, but often have to come back because it grass didn’t grow the first time, or grew sporadically.

Some of the things to consider when picking a lawn plug are your climate, what variety you are going to use, and how tolerant of salt content, or drought your choice will be. While it is a good idea to shop around, don’t go with any cheap brand or dealer, you will always want to do it right the first time.

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