Tulip Festivals in the United States

A tulip festival is a celebration of the growth of tulips, and a chance for those who appreciate the beauty of tulips to see miles and miles of them close up. Tulip festivals exist all over the world, and even in the United States. For example, you can attend the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival located 60 miles North of Seattle, Washington in the United States and 60 miles South of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. This event takes place for approximately one month out of the year from the beginning of April to the end of April.

Those who attend the above mentioned state of Washington tulip event will tour miles of various varieties of Holland tulip varieties. Drivers can travel down I-5 and turn on one of exits numbered 221-236. At nearby businesses you can find tulip brochures to guide you through your journey of the Skagit Valley. Those who want to tour the tulip fields can also do so by helicopter. This even usually takes place at the beginning of the April tulip festival, and costs $50.00 per person. The 2006 festival is over, but it is never too early to plan for the 2007 season. Those who want to attend can receive notice about the festival starting January 2007.

Another festival that Holland tulip lovers can enjoy is the one the Tulip Time Festival that takes place in Holland, Michigan every single year. The 2007 festival lasts from May 5 to May 12. More than 6 million tulips bloom during this time, as this city celebrates its Dutch Heritage. This annual event displayed many types of Holland tulips for the first time in 1930. In this city tulips are planted along streets, in parks, and outside municipal buildings. Famous Holland tulip varieties are also displayed in famous attractions such as Dutch Village, Windmill Island, and Veldheer Tulip Gardens.

Another city of the United States that holds a spring tulip festival every year is Orange City, Iowa. Usually their celebration is held in the third weekend in May. They have flower shows, and gardens which display different kinds of tulips. The Vander Wel Test Tulip Test Garden opens for tours to view, and so is the Century Home, which is also surrounded by tulip beds. Other cities in the U.S. that hold tulip gardens include Albany, New York, Woodburn, Oregon, and Pella, Iowa.

Tulip festivals also exist in other parts of the world as well, such as in Ottawa, Canada. Tulips, an unofficial emblem of Holland have made their way into every country of the world, and have done so for at least a few centuries. For example, Holland tulip species were introduced to England in as early as the 17th Century. Those who enjoy tulip varieties of all kinds will enjoy seeing rows and rows of them at the various festivals mentioned in this article.

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