The Steps to Choosing a Lawn and Garden Tractor for Your Needs

Choosing a lawn and garden tractor may prove to be a challenging task. These products are quite expensive and seeing that there are so many options on the market today, it is essential to establish what types of things that you should be searching for when you are seeking one. If your property exceeds that of one acre, it may be necessary to purchase a lawn and garden tractor as you could benefit in numerous ways from the convenience that such a system offers. In this product guide, I will share some steps that should be taken when it comes to choosing a lawn and garden tractor for your needs.

1. The very first step in choosing a lawn and garden tractor is determining the amount of space that you will need to cover with the product. When it comes to tractors, the size is typically determined by what is referred to as the “deck”. The size of your property will help guide you in how many inches the deck should be on the tractor. If your property measures in at one acre or less, it is appropriate to choose a model that has a deck of about forty two inches. If your property exceeds one acre, but does not exceed two acres, a lawn and garden tractor with a deck of up to forty six inches will likely be appropriate. Property that exceeds two acres and more will be best suited with a tractor that has a fifty four inch deck.

2. The next thing that must be considered when choosing a lawn and garden tractor is your preference as far as transmissions are concerned. Just like with most automobiles, you have the option of electing to purchase an automatic transmission. If the lawn that you will care for will require you to maneuver around obstacles such as buildings and plants, automatic transmissions are the best choice as you are capable of controlling the speed with ease. The second type of transmission is one that utilizes an assortment of gears. If your property is clear and simply requires straight cutting, gear transmissions will likely benefit you.

3. The next step to choosing a lawn and garden tractor is determining how much power you want the engine on the product to have. If you must mow uphill, for example, you will need to ensure that the tractor’s engine has the power required to accomplish this task. If the grass and weeds on the property grow in a thick manner, a high powered engine will also be required. However, if you purchase a lawn and garden tractor just to take care of the basic maintenance that your property requires and that property is flat and does not grow thickly, a standard low powered engine will be appropriate to your needs.

Choosing a lawn and garden tractor for your home will be challenging and relatively expensive. Those are two facts that you should know before even checking out the models in your community. However, if you consider the three steps contained in this product guide, you are sure to discover a lawn and garden tractor that is appropriate to your needs as a homeowner.

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