The Paradise that is Lake Lawn Resort

Located in Delavan, Wisconsin, Lake Lawn Resort is an extremely popular vacation destination. It boasts of lush wooded lakeside surroundings that make the ideal getaway for the whole family. Getting to the resort is aided by a private airport (the Lake Lawn Airport) through which a large number of visitors pass through throughout the year as they come to savor the magnificence of this resort, often rated as one of the top ten in Wisconsin.

Lake Lawn Resort is characterized by vast greenery and projects an enchanting tranquility. The entire 275 acres of land offers the ideal vacation retreat and hosts several activities one can enjoy. The resort has two high standard restaurants, an extensive golf course, up to 300 guest rooms and a health club among other amenities. There is, quite literally, a lot to choose from for vacationers visiting the resort.

As a golf resort, playing golf is of course the most popular of all of them, what with a world-class 18-hole golf course. Thousands of visitors throng to the resort year round to have a first hand experience on its golf course. This fine course has caught the attention of golf pros such as Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. The resort’s Championship Golf Course is often seen as the main attraction for golfers and other visitors.

Besides golf, other exciting recreational activities available at Lake Lawn Resort include tennis, basketball, fishing, swimming, a spa and numerous water sports. In addition, there is a golf school where beginners and amateurs can learn a few skills on how to work some magic on the resort’s golf course. At Delavan Lake, you will get the opportunity to engage in a variety of water sports such as kayaking, pedaling boats and wave running. All equipment for these activities is available for hire at the main dock.

There are a lot of friendly packages available for vacationers at Lake Lawn Resort. These vary from one night and two night packages to weekend, summer and special golf packages at varied prices. There also are conference facilities with a total of 22 conference rooms. There is a picnic area used during summer by vacationers and a children’s playground, where kids can experience memorable times at the resort too. The biking trail and zoo offers the kids alternative activities while the hiking trail will grant the whole family a thrilling outdoor experience.

Fine dining services are yet another popular aspect of the Lake Lawn Resort. At the Frontier Restaurant, you will enjoy its extraordinarily sumptuous menu. All days of the weekend have special themes starting with Friday’s Fish Feast. Saturday is Prime Time when a rib buffet is held while Sunday is popularly known as the day for Champagne Brunch. Each of these themes is accompanied by a selection of mouthwatering dishes prepared by the top class chef of the restaurant and his obviously skillful team.

Accommodation at the Lake Lawn Resort is the real essence of comfort and luxury. Each of the rooms is fitted with luxurious furniture and has a warm décor. There is also a furnished balcony for each of the rooms, overlooking the resort’s beautiful scenery. A vacation trip to the resort will remain memorable long after it is over.

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