Taking a stroll over a pretty lawn can almost instantly take out all the stresses off anyone. Most of us expect to have the perfect lawns in our houses. With beauty, comes responsibility. Maintaining a great lawn can be quite hard for beginners. You need not necessarily put in a lot of effort, money, or time into lawn maintenance and mowing. We have put together some simple yet efficient ways to maintain your lawn.


You must have a proper time gap between consecutive mowing sessions. You have to locate the perfect cutting height for the type of grass in your garden. At the point when your grass greens up in the spring, you have to give it the time to grow at least 33 percent more than of the perfect height. Once the grass reaches that height, mow it back by to its ideal height. Continue the mowing process the same way until the fall season. Throughout the fall, most grass will go to a lethargic state of growth, and there won’t be a fast increase in height.


You need to stop the growth of unwanted weeds as soon as possible. If you let them grow to a decent height, they will end up destroying the entire lawn. You can prevent this by employing a herbicide that is pre-emergent in nature. These germicides generally help you in preventing the growth of dreaded crabgrass. They are also very useful in eliminating various breeds of weeds. Germicides stop the sprouting of seeds and help to keep your lawn free from any unwanted plant growth. The best season to employ this method is early spring.


Maintain a good lawn involves regular and proper mowing. That being said, there are few factors associated with mowing that determine the look and health of your lawn. Mowing patterns play a significant role in maintaining good lawn health. Make an effort to cut your yard in different patterns. You must avoid following the same pattern. If you do so all the time, it might lead to the compacting of soil into trenches. Besides, grass will start inclining to the direction of mowing and will eventually begin to lean out. By cutting an alternate way each time, you will enable the grass to develop progressively upstanding and abstain from creating grooves on the ground that sometimes cause a lot of problems. You can seek professional help from companies that provide lawn mowing in Tauranga to get a solid idea.


We all know that it is essential to water our lawns. But, what most people don’t realize is the importance of timing in watering the grass. Early morning is undoubtedly the best time for watering your lawns. Having the sun out in the morning will help in drying out unwanted moisture. If you water during the night-time, the process might lead to diseases or infections. Prolonged exposure to excess water is not suitable for the grass. Over-watering can also invite infections because of too much moisture. You must reduce the frequency and improve the watering time. During watering, one has to make sure that the entire lawn soaks up, and the moisture seeps through several inches of the ground.


It is a common misconception that one doesn’t have to put a lot of thought into the process of mowing. This statement is entirely false. Many do not understand that lawn mowing, when not done correctly, can cause a lot of problems to your lawn. If you over-mow your lawn, there won’t be healthy growth afterward.¬† In case you choose not to mow your lawn, all your grass will grow very tall and would look messy. There might be a growth of unwanted flowers in between grass patches that could infect your lawn because of their pollen dust. This will eventually lead to the destruction of the lawn. The grass will start thinning and will die out. You should strike a proper balance between the different levels of mowing.

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