The Bird Influencing Mankind Over Time

Mankind has a fascination with birds. This has been true for thousands and thousands of years. At one time they seemed almost mystical and heaven sent. Many religions have incorporated the bird as either a form of a god, or a messenger of a god or goddess. Throughout literature there are many references to birds as signs of the future. Even movies and music have taken inspiration from these wild animals and added their image to the media.

The bird image played a huge role in the Egyptian pantheon of gods and goddesses. Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, is featured as a man with a falcon head. His image and presence was worshiped throughout ancient Egypt. In Southern Egypt he was worshipped more than towards the Northern provinces.

Horus Protected People From Set

His responsibility was to the sky and to protect people from Set, who was the god of storms, chaos and the desert. Horus has a pretty important role in Egyptian mythology. He was said to have dominion over the sun and the moon. By worshipping him, people could gain his protection. It also did not hurt that Horus became known as the god over war.

Exotic birds such as the falcon have always claimed humanity’s attention. Wild birds are the epitome of freedom. They sail through the skies without masters and do as they wish. They cannot be truly tamed.

Even those that use falcons and hawks as gaming birds know that these species of birds can turn vicious and unpredictable if they are not treated properly and trained well. It can take years for a falcon or a hawk to be gentled. Perhaps that is why you do not see many people trying to own these birds. In medieval times it was common for lords to become falconers.

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