The Best of the Outdoor Planters? The Best Fit for Your Style and Lifestyle

Outdoor planters contribute to a garden design that fits your gardening style—not just your decorating style, but also your lifestyle.

There are so many outdoor planters to chose from. Is your preference one large stone planter? Or do you have time to care for an assortment of small glazed ceramic pots?

Room and the inclination to start seeds?

In this section you’ll get lots of container gardening ideas to help you select just the right herb or flower pot for you.


To begin, think about what your particular needs and tastes are. Below are some questions to get the ball rolling.

Is my display formal or am I going for a country or cottage garden look?
Is the site on a balcony or even a roof where weight is an issue?
Do I need flower pots that can last the winter outdoors, or am I ok with bringing them in?
Is there plenty of space to store them?
What sort of pots go with my home décor? Big, architectural urns? Plain-Jane clay pots?
How much money can I spend on the pots? What’s my overall budget and how many planters do I need?
Do I have a thing against plastic pots?
Am I not able to lift big pots, or heavy planters?


Answering these questions will let you know if you’ll be buying a few lightweight pots, or investing in a large, elaborately scrolled terra cotta pot.

If you’d like, you can get the the good and bad news about the various types of outdoor planters now.

See this pretty brown-etched stone urn?

It’s just one of the types of flower pots you can consider.

From really decorative to very simple, there’s just the right outdoor planter to suit your style and your lifestyle.

Three-Tier Dark Cedar Corner Fountain

Three-Tier Wooden Corner Fountain (Cedar Dark)

And if your style runs to the unique, this corner fountain might appeal to you. The calming sounds of water are so soothing, and this fountain is rated for indoors or out. It fits snugly in a corner, weighs only 36 pounds, and requires no plumbing. A unique offering from Home & Garden Fountains.

As you can see, there’s a wide range of outdoor planters to chose from. Find specific information about outdoor planters, clay flower pots, or hanging baskets.

Planters from Goods for the Garden

The reason I love this online purveyor of garden products is that Goods for the Garden is committed to preserving America’s historic gardens, landscapes, and green spaces. They will contribute 5% of their purchase price of every product to an organization of your choosing or to 1% For The Planet Fund.

The exquisite handcrafted and signed, Guy Wolff original planter below right is white clay rubbed with copper.

Below left are beautiful and classic Campo De’ Fiori English terra cotta planters from Goods for the Garden.


And there are contemporary styles, too. The live-mossed luminaria square pots just above are great planted, or filled with cut flowers.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of garden planters–and they aren’t as expensive as they look! Visit Goods for the Garden now to find out more about these planters and other lovely garden pots and garden accents.

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