Taking Care of your Lawn Naturally

In terms of aesthetic value, the lawn is the first thing one sees when entering the path to the front door of your home. This makes lawn care an essential part of the maintenance of your home.

There are two ways to control the weeds and pests that may endanger the beauty of your lawn. One is by using chemical pesticides and herbicides. The other method is to control the environment naturally and organically.

Watering your Lawn

Water your lawn on alternate days. If you soak it, you will not have to water it everyday. Water your lawn in the evening. Water tends to evaporate less. If you have automatic sprinklers, you should set them between midnight and 8am when it is coolest.

Check your local weather forecast. If it is going to rain, do not water you lawn on that day. After the rain, check to see how much moisture there is in your lawn. You may not have to water for a couple of days or more.

Test your Soil

Test your soil to determine what nutrients it has. If it is low in a particular nutrient or Natural Lawn Carelacks a nutrient, you need to research and determine the best fertilizer for your lawn. Using an inappropriate fertilizer can damage your soil. Keep it healthy by adding only what it needs.

Attract Birds

Birds are a beautiful asset to your lawn or garden area. They eat the bugs that eat the leaves or roots of your plants. You should plant shrubs where birds can perch or hang out in your yard. This will cut down on your need for chemical pesticides and will add beauty to your lawn area.

Kill Weeds

Kill weeds naturally. You can use a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar to sprinkle or spray on weeds. The weeds will wilt and you will not have to poison your soil.

Using organic methods to take care of your lawn will ensure that you have a beautiful yard while protecting the environment. Natural methods will also help to save money.

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