Take Care of Common Lawn Problems Early

Since you have gone to the trouble of planting seed to grow a beautiful healthy lawn or you have laid sod, you want it to remain healthy. You also want to make sure that its beauty continually enhances your home.

One way to maintain your healthy lawn is to check for common problems that may affect your lawn.

Bare Patches

Check your lawn for bald spot. If this is a high traffic area, you may want to use stone pavers to protect the area. If not, then you should rake the soil in the spring or in the early fall and reseed. Keep the area moist for a couple of weeks.


Bugs are pests because they like to eat plants. They will eat leaves or they will eat the roots. They also leave eggs which will detract from the beauty of your lawn. Check for patches of dying brown grass on your lawn. The best way to control pests is to carefully choose the appropriate insecticide to use. Spray the insecticide during the summer when these pests usually lay their eggs. Add some fertilizer to give your lawn a boost.

Dog Urine

WeedsWhen you dog has to go, it has to go. Try to get your dog to drink more water to dilute their urine. A concentration of dog urine in one area can create dying brown patches in your lawn.

Mushrooms and Toadstools

Usually when we see mushrooms or toadstools in our lawn, we have a tendency to pluck them. They are, however, a sign that your lawn is thriving. They do not harm the grass or plants and they disappear on their own.


An unsightly lawn will have weeds growing throughout it. Check your lawn and research the types of weeds that are growing. Weeds may be classified as annuals, biennials, or perennials. They should be destroyed while they are still young. You can use an herbicide to kill them. However, you should check with your local garden store or home improvement store for advice on the best weed killer to use. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label.

If you are unsuccessful in killing the weeds, you may want to consider removing all of your grass and replant your lawn.

The most common lawn problems can be taken care of with minimal effort as long as you stay vigilant.

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