Superb tips to have a lush garden indoors

Superb tips to have a lush garden indoors

How about waking up and smelling the fresh greens not after lifting your curtains and opening the window, but actually near your bed? You think we are imagining things? How can this be possible, right? But actually, it’s quite easy! When you design a nice indoor garden in your home! And believe us, the magic of this garden is never less than the outdoor one.

How to design a nice indoor garden?

Doesn’t matter if you have a lush and huge garden outside your house. If you desire a green space inside too, then it will be just as you wish! Just follow these steps and you’ll enjoy a wonderful green view within your house in no time.

  • Add colour to your indoor garden — First of all fix a specific space in your house where you will love your indoor garden to be. Most of the time it is actually the place where the sunlight falls the most. But even if you don’t have such a space, you can always go for shade-loving plants. In such a case, beautify the wall that is going to be the backdrop of your garden. We will suggest you go for subtle shades of green and yellow that will look really admirable with the natural plantation around them. There are good painters in Wellington like Kowhai who do an excellent house painting job and have experienced staff for this work as well. Let them do this job for you for the best results.
  • Creepers are trending — Love trying new trends? Then try the creepers that can be of any colour and type. You can hang the creepers over the shelves that you install or simply let them cling on the tables as decorative items around.
  • Get colourful pots — There are some really wonderful and colourful pots which can be found in different materials like ceramic, plastic, mud, and even plastic or fibre. You can choose the colours that give you a refreshing feel or simply match them with the colour theme of your room, in both cases, as these are colourful, they are going to complement your greens very well.
  • Be as simple as you can — Since it’s an indoor garden, you shouldn’t try to be louder in your decoration. It’s because these plants are going to grow at some point or another. Let them be the focal point.
  • Don’t overcrowd them — An indoor garden is always limited in space. So, there is no use in increasing the plants in number because you just can’t fit them all in your room. (You have to fight the temptations to do so!)
  • Let the plants grow by themselves — Most indoor plants require the least amount of sunlight and water to grow. So, you need not keep watering them unnecessarily. Just moist their soil once or twice a week and it’s enough. They’ll still keep flourishing with the natural breeze in your home.

Happy? You actually let you outdoors enter inside your house with the least investment and effort. So, now fulfil your dream of enjoying a refreshing green area in your room daily! 

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