Small Bathroom Renovation – Five Ways to make your Small Bathroom look Bigger

Decorating a small bathroom is indeed a tough challenge since we have limited space to work on.​​ Bathroom renovators can’t arrange things as we do in living room and bed room. But there are some magic ways available that can make your cramped and small bathroom look bigger and less cluttered through exceptional Sydney renovations.

1- Use Light Wall Colors – Using light colors can make your cramped bathroom look larger. It brighten up you bathroom and gives you the illusion of bigger space. Painting your wall with light colors like off white, white, yellow, green or other light and soft shades is an inexpensive way to make you bathroom look more spacious. At any cost, avoid using dark shades in small bathroom since they tend to make room feel heavier and visually smaller. If you want to paint your wall with texture or want to use wallpaper in your bathroom, then make sure it should be of light shade.

2- Use mirrors – Using series of mirrors is another great way to maximize the illusion of space. Mirrors reflect the light and thus give you a feeling of brighter as well as larger bathroom. Maximizing the numbers of mirrors can act like artificial windows and create a feeling of wider space in the room. One of the best places to use mirror is behind the bathroom sink.

3- Sliding door – If possible, use sliding door in small bathroom. Sliding doors take much less space than traditional hinged door. Sliding door gives your small bathroom clean look since they can be hided in an in-wall cavity which is not possible in hinged doors. So consider using sliding doors as this kind of door do not require any floor space to open.

4- Power of Lights – Using proper lighting can also add the illusion of open space. Proper lighting makes your bathroom look beautiful. Many people use shadow cast in the corner which makes the bathroom look very smaller as it illuminate those areas. Therefore, avoid using shadow cast in corner at any cost. Instead of using shadow casts in corner, you can use general lighting, wall sconces and mirror lights to open up the space. Most of small bathrooms don’t have any arrangement for natural light; therefore make sure to use higher wattage tubes as well as bulbs to create the best possible environment.

5- Eliminate clutter – Excessive clutter on your bathroom consumes big space and makes it look smaller. So eliminate all the excessive clutter. Instead of using plenty of decorative accessories, use one effective decorative piece. Remove all accessories like baskets and excessive toiletry products. The more you eliminate excessive clutter, the more your bathroom looks spacious.

Instead of spending a fortune of bathroom renovations brisbane, try yourself the above ways. It takes only a week to turn your small looking bathroom look larger making a few simple changes. Try the above tips and enjoy the feel of luxurious and larger bathroom where you can relax and enjoy for many years to come.

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