Shhh! Revealing the secret to a ravishingly beautiful landscape! Alluring Lights!

Shhh! Revealing the secret to a ravishingly beautiful landscape! Alluring Lights!

We homeowners can be crazy about beautifying our homes! From choosing the front door that coordinates with the theme of the interiors to colouring the shingles coordinating with the flower beds — some of us can be obsessed with perfection and uniqueness in home décor. And if you belong to such a passionate breed, you would definitely understand that your home exterior and its decoration holds equal importance as your interiors. If not more – coz after all the exterior is what creates the first impression. Nothing, absolutely nothing, should be out of place if you want your home to look straight out of a picture postcard.

Today, let’s talk about our home exteriors specifically! And more precisely how to take it to a different dimension with the clever use of light. Choosing the right outdoor lighting in Auckland from Brite Sparx Electrical can actually help you seal the deal to lighting that is exquisite yet functional. They know the exact tricks to add enough light yet maintain the mystery by toying with the shades.

The simplified selection of lights for your outdoors!

Your outdoors is actually a serene space to calm you after a hectic day at work! And this period of leisure can become all the more wonderful if you have the right lights to emphasise the beauty of your landscape. Light can affect your mood. Your attempt should be to use them to attract positive vibes around your home.

  • For plants and gardens — If you love to flaunt your beautiful garden and want the onlookers to get attracted, add a touch of soft, coloured lights to your garden and plants. You can outline your entire garden structure by a chain of fairy lights or simply twist a garland of it around the largest trees. If you have bushes or shrubs, keep them lower in height and wrap the lights around the leaves. You’d be amazed by the admirable design of shadows and lights they create.
  • For statues and fountains —Have you spent thousands on getting an attractive looking statue, or have opted for a fountain in the centre of the garden for that zen like feel? We are dead sure the lights you’ll choose for the fountain would be of multiple colours – emulating the light and sound shows that are loved by all. Speaking of sound, speakers around the garden would help you further this effect. For your sculpture, a beam of light (like the effect you see in museums) falling over it would help to accentuate its features and bring out the artistry.
  • Door and gate —Here, you may be more concerned about the security than the beauty when choosing the outdoor lights for door and gate. A bright natural white light can prove both beneficial without being too jarring.
  • Pathways and driveways — Again, security and proper visibility should be your prime concern when choosing lights for driveways or pathways. Ensure proper lighting but embrace creativity in displaying them.

A perfect, wisely chosen theme for lighting to illuminate your curb would not only guarantee an amazing aesthetic look for your home, but would also provide maximum functionality (visibility) and consequent security that you desire! 

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