Revive your lawn after winter with these easy tips

Revive your lawn after winter with these easy tips

Winters can be harsh on our skin and body and harsher on our lawn. As spring arrives, homeowners often have to try so hard to revive their lawn and restore its beauty. The process gets complicated when the house is up for sale and a home inspection in Ottawa ON, is scheduled in a couple of weeks. Spring brings in busy times in the real estate market. Get your lawn ready to join the race with these five tips.

Give it some nutrition

The first step towards reviving the glory of your lawn is giving it some food. For this, homeowners can use quick-release fertilizer. This compound will get to the roots of the grass and nourish it. However, make sure you don’t overdo it; doing so can kill your lawn quickly. For a safer and slower approach, you can get slow-release fertilizer pellets that dissolve over time. 

Water the lawn

Fertilizers work best when there is moisture in the grass. Therefore, while it may seem counterproductive to watch your lawn in spring with frequent showers, make sure you water it every morning. Doing it in the morning necessary, as doing it at any other time can result in fungal growth and weed infestation. 

Ease the mowing

Depending on where you live, your lawn may have grown over the winter. But this doesn’t mean you have to mow it. In fact, mowing in low settings during this period will end up exposing the roots and add pressure to the grass when it’s easing into spring. Instead, practice a light mow early in spring to cut the top of the blades. 

Fight the weeds

Every lawn has a nemesis in weeds. These unwanted plants can kill the grass and your beautiful lawn. Therefore, homeowners looking to put their house up for sale should first fight the weeds. This can be done through the many weed and feed chemicals in the market. Since these often include fertilizers, make sure you don’t use too much of it in your grass. 

Plants the seeds

As mentioned earlier, winters can be harsh on our lawn, and it’s fairly common to see empty patches. These patches can cause several issues later. You can take care of these areas by raking them out and planting seeds in them. Make sure to water a little extra in these spots. 


Lawns beautify a property. However, after winter, when the spring arrives and brings with it a live real estate market, lawns can be hard to manage. By reviving them with the right tips, you can easily increase the curb appeal and value of your house. All you need are some fertilizer and water.  

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