How To Keep Your Rental Property Landscape In Good Form This Summer?

How To Keep Your Rental Property Landscape In Good Form This Summer?

These days, the summer season is in full swing and there’s no better time to go out and enjoy the warm weather. In case you’re a property owner, then the summer season calls in for a serious landscaping job – thereby keeping your yard or porch in good shape – to impress the upcoming renters. 

However, it should be noted that taking care of your rental property landscape is not an easy task and involves a great deal of hard work. This is the reason why we’ll be sharing some easy to perform landscaping tips to keep your yard in a perfect condition – with the help of property managers in Hamilton

Methods For A Perfect Rental Property Landscaping Job In The Summers

  • Always Water Your Lawn In The Morning

This is quite a no-brainer, but the main key rule that you should be following is to save time and still maximize your property’s curb appeal. It has been advised by lawn care professionals that lawns should not be watered in the afternoon because the water will get evaporated quickly. Therefore, if you plan to give your lawn a drink during the hottest time of the day, it’ll be of no use. The same can be said about night-time because watering the lawn at night will lead to damp grass breeding fungus. 

This is why watering your plants and gardens is highly recommended in the morning because it gives the plant roots a chance to absorb that moisture. Besides, you should not overwater your lawn, even in the summers. 

  • Mow Your Lawn Regularly

This task might seem obvious but if you can perform mowing regularly, you’ll be able to avoid lawn complications later on. You might think that it’ll be convenient for you to cut the lawn grass as close to the soil as possible – so that you don’t have to cut often. Nevertheless, your convenience will slowly turn into a disadvantage when you’ll face a brown patch on your lawn. 

It should be remembered that your lawn grass needs to stay at a respectable length to resist pests and weeds. Therefore, when mowing your lawn, keep your mower at longer grass settings as longer grass will also need less water and will appear greener in color.

  • Trim Other Shrubs & Trees

During the summer season, a lot of thunderstorms take place, which is why dead tree limbs should be cut down to prevent any big gust of wind taking the tree down and thereby harming your property. 

Be sure to also prune your vines and bushes that hug your property or in close vicinity. This is because they can effectively invite termites and other pests into your property, increase risks of burglars hiding in them, traps moisture inside the property, and interferes with the exterior air conditioning. 

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