A Push Lawn Sweeper Works Harder While You Look Smarter


Back in the days before grass catchers became standard equipment on a lawnmower a rake was your finishing move to make a lawn look its best. A few years passed and then the push lawn sweeper made its debut. It was easier to use than a rake and it saved your back from breaking and your hands from getting calluses.

Push lawn sweepers were later replaced by mowers with grass catchers and mowers that mulch, even though this invention is still obsolete in terms of lawn care it still has a place for those who want to add an extra special touch to their lawn. Your best chance to find one of these is at a lawn and garden store, the newer mega stores might not carry them.

There are a few brands that still make this personal touch self powered a must have for those who want to clean up their yard without raking. The best thing about a push lawn sweeper is that it picks up leaves and practically sweeps your yard in the process. Raking is a chore and takes more time because you have to pick up the broken leaves anyway. Why not get a push lawn sweeper that is three times the width of a rake and doesn’t damage your lawn in the process.

You’ll want to find out the measurements of your yard because if you currently use a riding mower a push lawn sweeper will not be practical. If you have a standard yard and want to pick up seasonal debris then this is the best thing to have. Check the bristles and how easy it is to adjust to certain types of grass. There are areas that a push lawn sweeper can’t get into but a little bit of raking can still be picked up with this yard gem.

Make sure to buy one that is sturdy, you will want to keep it in a dry place and clean it out after each use. Many are made with canvas liners so they don’t damage your yard while you use it. They have solid metal parts and repeated uses will make your yard shine to passersby.

When checking out a push lawn sweeper make sure the bag is going to be big enough to hold your yard clippings and some leaves. You don’t want to make one pass and then have to empty it, buy one that will do the job in half the time but with all the effort. These are also great for elderly people who still want to get out and do yard work but just don’t want to spend all day at it.

Once you find out how much better these are for the yard you will see a difference in how your grass grows and how much cleaner your yard looks. A push lawn sweeper can make an average mower look like a professional stopped by. Bring human power back to yard cleanup but make sure you work smarter not harder.


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