How to Protect Your Rugs Against Unseen Enemies Every Day?

How to Protect Your Rugs Against Unseen Enemies Every Day?

Woolen rugs need an extra level of protection. Regular dusting exercise is a common way to protect them against debris and dust accumulation. Apart from this, the rugs are exposed to several other elements. They need protection right away.

Online you can search for cleaning wool rugs techniques and advice from the experts. There are different techniques used by expert rug cleaning services. In general, these techniques prove more effective.

If you have woolen rugs installed at your home, then you have to focus on unseen enemies. These are factors that can damage the rug over some time. The right protection method is important.

Water and Moisture

Humidity can be one of the elements that can damage woolen rugs easily. Water spills are very common at home. Woolen rugs can soak up a big volume of water after each spill. In most cases, this is left unnoticed.

Prolonged exposure can also result in mold formation. Immediate treatment is important. Always ensure that the rug is allowed to dry under natural light. Avoid using a heater system to dry the rugs. Dry well maintained rugs will always have a long lifespan.


Pests and insects are never friendly to your rugs. Insects can lay larvae inside the rug fibers. Later on, this can damage the entire rug. Using a vacuum cleaner is the best protection against insects. Carpet beetles are also common pests that may invade the rugs very often.

You should try and use dry insecticide powder to clean the rugs very often. You should also ensure that these foreign elements are not allowed to accumulate in the fiber for long.

Larvae, Flakes, and Webs

Larvae flakes and webs may build up after some time you have been using the rugs. Regularly, it is advisable to hire a professional team to clean the rugs. The powerful vacuum cleaner is the best solution for woolen rugs.

If the rug is not cleaned very often then these issues are very common. Try and clean the floor area very often as well.


Most homes have pets. These are like babies and will play around on the rugs very often. If you have a rug and a pet at your home then it is important to maintain it in the best condition. You always have to keep close eyes on the pets.

Pets often have a habit of biting woolen rugs and this can damage the rug.

Protection Against UV Light

Rugs, when exposed to UV light, can easily damage the rugs. The woolen rugs mustn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. This is a common issue if you are using cheap quality woolen rugs. Heavy material will not need much care.

Woolen rugs are never cheap and so you have to care for them very often. It is advisable to consider these hidden enemies that can damage the rug easily

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