Pool Safety Equipment


You know the importance of keeping your pool safe, but you might be wondering what pool safety equipment is available to afford your home and pool the maximum level of safety..

Swimming pool installation with safety equipment continues to evolve to make owning a private swimming pool as safe and secure as it possibly can be. Pool safety equipment, alarms for in the pool, door and window alarms, child pool safety gates, and fencing and gate barriers are well known ways to protect your pool. But pool safety nets, or safety covers, are getting more and more attention – and rightly so.

Pool safety nets are mesh covers that span the top of the pool. A pool safety net may be used alone, or as added protection on top of an existing pool cover. Safety pool covers, or pool safety nets, fit very tightly over the pool. They are pulled tight, locking into fasteners along the poolside. Safety pool covers can take the weight of a child walking on them without falling into the pool. Most covers are designed to take much more weight than that of a child or pet. Adults can safely walk across them. Some have even been proven to keep a car from submerging after crashing into a pool.

Safety is the number one priority – of utmost concern when researching equipment and pool safety. Swimming pool owners do enjoy added benefits from owning pool safety net covers. Mesh safety net covers make cleaning debris from the pool a snap.

Safety covers used regularly during the warm summer months are easily retracted and bring all the new fallen debris with them. That’s an asset, but daily debris is minimal unless there is a powerful summer storm. The biggest advantage to owning a mesh safety cover as far as cleaning is concerned is spring cleanup.

Think of the mess left on top of your winter cover every spring. Think of the headache of cleaning all that loose debris out of your pool after it sinks into your pool when you take your winter cover off. Now imagine a net covering the entire surface of your winter cover that can’t sink into the water when you fold it off.. That net takes all of the leaves, sticks, dirt, and debris with it. You are left with a virtually clean winter cover. Slide it off, and there is barely anything left to vac from the pool.

It’s obvious owning a pool safety net cover is an advantage at cleaning time. Nevertheless, safety is not out of sight. Hassle-free cleaning is just a benefit, an excellent side-effect of installing pool safety nets. The real advantage, the true proof, is one you hope never to experience. Pool tragedies are accidents no home owner wants – even the possibility of what could have happened. Take advantage of pool safety equipment to protect your loved ones.

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