Pole Buildings & Barns


Building a pole barn is quite a simple endeavor these days especially considering the plethora of blueprints available. You can quickly erect a pole barn with 2 or more horse stalls and also add storage sheds for tractors, feed, and more. But don’t think you’re limited to horse barns, pole buildings come in many varieties including workshops, garages, and storage barns. Using poles is an old construction technique coming back into style due to its simplicity, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

For hundreds of years, poles have been used to build huts and shelters all around the world. The poles are rooted in the earth and covered with whatever material is available. Popular covers included animal skin, wood, and metal. This technique has evolved into the most popular way to build pole barns. Only the materials used to cover the pole building have changed. The covering materials of choice today include aluminum, steel, and other materials that are durable and lightweight. Some pole buildings are constructed with insulation and even brick or wooden facades.

How to Build a Pole Barn

The big advantage of pole buildings is that they can be built without the use of expensive machinery or concrete foundations. The popularity of pole barns is on the rise as a reliable shelter for animals and equipment.

The starting point of a pole building not surprisingly is a pole foundation. The pole foundation also doubles as a framing member. Poles or posts are inserted as deep as 10 or more feet into the ground enabling them to bear heavy weights without breaking. Once the foundation is secured there’s no more digging.

Construction of the pole building is safe and secure with the pole foundation easily bearing all the weight and pressure. To make the digging easier, a tool hire Perth like power auger is recommended. To further secure the poles, concrete is poured in the holes and allowed to set. This method is much simpler and less costly than pouring a traditional concrete foundation.

Pole foundations provide much flexibility in constructing a pole building.

Another advantage of pole buildings is that they can be built just about anywhere including places where it would be impossible to pour a traditional concrete foundation. Steep slopes and densely wooded areas are good examples. The minimal construction and ground excavation involved in pole buildings makes them environmentally friendly. The surrounding areas are not disturbed as they are with traditional on-site building construction leaving the landscape and fertile farmland unscathed.

Pole Building Advantages

Pole buildings are a very cost effective alternative. It’s not necessary to make them look perfect; they only need to be functional. Inexpensive galvanized steel is a popular material for roofs and siding and it makes for solid pole building. Two things you shouldn’t skimp on are storm clips and trusses. Trusses bear much of the weight so they need to be of high quality. And storm clips help pole buildings safely withstand the heavy storms and inclement weather that are sure to come eventually.

The cost of a pole building varies bases on personal preferences relating to size, materials, and the cost of materials where you live but $3,000 will generally build a solid pole building. Pole buildings can be constructed very quickly even by a novice considering the availability and simplicity of building plans.

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