How To Get The Perfect Driveways That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous?

How To Get The Perfect Driveways That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous?

It’s no doubt that creating the perfect driveway will require careful planning and also heavy labour as well. But, if the whole process is done in the correct manner, it will easily last you many years. 

Driveways that are made out of concrete can quickly be built with various designs and colours, which will make your entrance look unique. It is essential for driveways to be both attractive and durable. A well-built driveway will help you save money on repairs and maintenance works. 

Tips And Tricks To Get The Perfect Driveaway

1. Use Attractive Materials

The driveway that you’re planning to build should be able to withstand the overall weight of both vehicles as well as pedestrians. But, that shouldn’t be an excuse or not making your driveway look attractive. Concrete driveways can be modelled in such a way that it will appear very elegant and inviting for your guests.

You can easily use imprint concrete or even block paving in order to give your driveway that perfect modern touch. A coloured concrete driveway will also make your surface stand out from the crowd.

2. Planning In The Right Manner

You should always put your ideas on a document before you forget them. You should start sketching your proposed plan and afterwards seek professional help to tweak any significant deficiencies. 

You should also inform your neighbours beforehand because the construction process will create noise. This will help you maintain a good relationship in your local community. 

3. Length The Driveway Should Be Highly Accessible

If there is a short distance between the front of your gate and the front of your house, then straight driveways make sense. But, if there is some amount of reasonable distance between your home and the front gate, a winding or curved driveway will be a much better choice.

4. Perform Landscaping

In case you’re giving away your front lawn or garden for your vehicle’s driveway and parking, then you should consider having the best of both worlds. You can have both the driveway and your garden at the front of your house, which will undoubtedly improve the appeal of your home.

Small trees, shrubs, bright flowering plants will be an excellent addition to your driveway.

5. Choosing The Right Kind Of Materials

Before you visit your local hardware store to get all the required materials, you have first to make a list of the things you’ll need. After making the comprehensive list, you should compare prices online and also read genuine user reviews. In this way, you will get an overall idea of the product you’re planning to buy. Weather-resistant materials should be used along with fluoropolymer coating as well. 

Good quality material will always help your driveway to be more reliable and durable over time. Driveways are significant investments and getting the right kind of material will prove to be worthy in the long-run.

6. Do Concrete Levelling

For doing concrete levelling, a power trowel is generally used. The equipment is used to provide a smooth surface without polishing it like a floor in a house or building. There are different trowel blades which will give various finishes. 

The most commonly used is the float finish blade or the broom finish blade. These types of finishes can also be adjusted according to your desire, be it a light finish or a heavy finish.

7. Focus On Having Permeability

Concrete driveways can easily lead to flooding due to heavy rains if there are no such sufficient measures taken beforehand. A permeable driveway will help in draining any extra clogged water quickly away to the sewers. This will allow you not to have any waterlogged driveway.

8. Select A Low Maintenance Surface Type

Having a low maintenance surface like concrete will help you save more on repairs, in case you live a hectic lifestyle. A low maintenance surface will also help in improving the durability as well.  

Just make sure that your driveway is swept regularly and at least power washed once a year to help the driveway restore its colour back to its original one. 

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