Overview of Holland Tulip and Festivals

The Holland tulip has been admired for centuries. Many festivals in the United States and around the world celebrate a contemporary version of Tulip Mania, the time when tulips, especially rare ones, were in high demand.

Two of the most popular tulip festivals attended every year include the Holland Tulip festival in Holland, Michigan, and the Skagit Valley Tulip festival in Washington. Both places feature rows and many a tulip field of different varieties of tulips, most of which either have grown in Holland, or have originated from Holland. Both these events take place in spring of every year (See article on this site entitled “Tulip Festival Overview” for more information.)

When you visit different festivals that feature different types of Holland tulips you can find ways to decorate your enormous estate garden or small front yard tulip mount. Likewise, you can see at these festivals first hand how the pros develop eye-catching gardens as well as grow plump saleable tulips. Featured at these festivals are both single and double bloom tulips and other varieties as well, such as the parrot-style tulip or the fringed tulip.

Each festival is most likely subject to change for the better from year to year, and will continue to represent Dutch culture and tulip farming. Not only can you view examples of live tulips, grown in a garden or sold fresh to customers, you can also take in the beauty of classic and contemporary tulip art.

For many centuries, tulips have become one favorite subject of famous painters. You can appreciate the beauty of these find paintings, and perhaps find a new peace to add to your living room.

The reason why the Holland tulip festivals (tulip festivals representing Dutch culture) are so popular is because since the middle of the 16th Century to the beginning of the 17th Century tulips became symbol of high society. During this time which was called Tulip Mania some buyers bid as high as $150,000,000 in today’s money, (13,000 florins), for one bulb.

One flower that was sold for 6,000 florins is called the Simper Augustus tulip, which was represented by an anonymous painting. This well-sought after flower contains a rich burgundy color with white lion like, vertical stripes running through it.

You have quite a bit to look forward each Spring. In the United States you can visit the Tulip Festival in Holland MI. You will be glad you took the chance to attend one of these. These events usually take place in the spring of every year.

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