Must-have retaining walls maintenance tips for all home garden owners

Must-have retaining walls maintenance tips for all home garden owners

Take a look at your garden’s retaining walls and see how wonderfully they help you divide your lawn space and highlight the gorgeous landscape and gardening. Well, don’t you think they need a little dose of love, care and maintenance every few months to help them survive the changing weathers and stay put for years to come? 

We certainly do, which brings us to our list of retaining wall maintenance tips dictated by the experts in the field for helping the homeowners. Interested a bit? Follow through!

  • Take care of erosion

Erosion is a common phenomenon in any home garden. However, if not treated on time, it can affect the structural integrity of your retaining wall in Perth. Empty pools around the wall can at any time be filled with water, thus depreciating the quality of the wall stone. As soon as you spot a depression near the wall, fill it to prevent further issues. 

  • Clear the clogged pipes

Retaining walls are assisted by thick water pipes which help in getting rid of the excessive water from the plants and direct it away from the wall. However, like any other piping system in the house, such pipes are also subjected to clogging every few months, which can directly impact the retaining wall. Get rid of the clogged materials immediately. Also, even though you can manage it on your own, hire an expert to do the job for you with perfection. 

  • Cater to the growing weed

Weeds are the biggest foe of homeowners who are highly invested in the well-being of their gardens. Apart from affecting the flowering, weeds tend to pose a threat to the longevity of retaining walls as well. Weeds tend to enter the small opening, and when they harbour in the retaining wall, they make slow shifts in the wall’s position, leading to significant issues in the long-run. Cut down the weeds as soon as you spot them.

  • An annual inspection is crucial

Annual inspections or bi-annual inspections help you stay a step ahead of any future issues with the retaining walls. Check the wall for cracks and broken pieces and fill them immediately. Check for pipe clogging and weeds too. It’s all a part of the annual inspection process. To get the job done without even lifting your finger, hire professionals to your aid. 

  • The winter measures

Winters can be too harsh for your retaining wall in Perth. However, a little assistance from your end will make sure that the wall survives the severe weather easily. Opt for metal tie reinforcements around the wall to keep it in place throughout the season. Also, avoid salt as deicer as it might only make matters worse.

Whether your retaining wall is a year old or a decade old, it requires maintenance to stay aesthetically appealing and highly functional. Keep the above pointers in mind for ease of work and discuss the same with retaining wall specialists to make the right decisions. 

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