Mulching mower guide

Mulching mowers work by instead of shooting the cut grass out into a grass box they trap the cuttings inside the deck where they a shredded finer and forced back into the lawn.
There are many benefits to using a mulching a mower, they are more environmentally friendly because the cuttings are shredded and forced back into the lawn by the mower they eliminate the waste, meaning no more bagging up grass and taking it to the tip or masses of grass building up the compost heap. The benefit of the mulching mower putting the grass back onto the lawn is that the shredded clippings will rot down and act as a fertiliser for the lawn, meaning much less if any extra feeding needs to be done by you. For me that’s one of the best assets the mulching mower has, with most mowers the clippings are taken away and then more feed is added! But the mulching mower approach makes total sense, especially in these environmentally conscious days where we’re we try and recycle as much as we can.
The key to using a mulching mower is to not cut too much off the grass at any one time, that way that the small cuttings will rot away quick and act as a fertiliser rather than laying in clumps and blocking the sunlight from the lawn underneath. That being said you don’t need to be cut your lawn too regimentally, just make sure you try and always cut your lawn when it’s dry. The cuttings left on the lawn will also act to help keep the soil moist and not dry out as much during our increasingly long and hot summers.
The fact that you don’t need to collect the grass when using a mulching mower means cutting you lawn won’t take you as long, freeing your time for other jobs in the garden. Mulching mowers can be purchased in both petrol and electric forms, the later being better for small to medium lawns and more environmentally friendly.

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