Measuring for Plantation Shutters

Measuring for Correctly Fitting Plantation Shutters
Considering purchasing plantation shutters from either an on line store or a high street location either way you need to know how to correctly measure your window openings to end up with properly fitting plantation shutters ,particularly if you are investing in custom made shutters ,accurate measuring is paramount but you are not sure how to measure for wooden window shutters? Don’t worry; measuring for plantation shutters is fairly straightforward.

The first rule when measuring for plantation shutters or any kind of window covering. Even if all your windows openings look and appear the same size they may in reality not be. A couple of years ago we bought a old colonial style house that needed all new windows 14 in total we were surprised to find although they all looked exactly the same to the naked eye when measured there were variances between them, by as much as 3 inches between some .We wondered at the time if this was due to the fact that this was 165 year old ex school house, if this was anyway due to the era of the property the window company informed us this was not the case and that between 14 windows this was hardly any variance at all, he had seen much bigger differences when measuring brand new houses for replacement windows. So you can see I hope the absolute necessity of measuring each window individually for plantation shutters as variances do definitely occur, even if to the naked eye all windows appear the same size. it is imperative you measure every window that you are going to fit shutters on.

How to Measure for Recessed or Non-Recessed Plantation Shutters
For an inside (recessed) plantation shutter installation it will be necessary for your window opening measurement to be square. By “square”, I mean that the opposite corners of the window recess need to be equidistant from each other i.e. when the window recess openings are measured from corner to corner diagonally the measurements you end up with have to be exactly the same if not your window recesses are not exactly symmetrical and plantation shutters without an extreme amount of effort can not be mounted inside a recess that is not absolutely square. You can get away with differences between the two measurements so long as the difference is no bigger than ½”,or you will have no alternative except to go with the outside mount.

Check Minimum Clearance for Plantation Shutters
In side recess installations require a minimum clearance depth of 1 ½” from the back of the plantation shutters to the window or window hardware, in other words you need to leave one and a half inches of room between the back of the plantation shutter and the window it is covering for the window fitments such as locks, and handles, to have enough space to operate properly. To more accurately determine this measurement you should measure from the front of the window recess to the object that protrudes to ensure you have adequate clearance for an inside recessed plantation shutters.

Deciding Mounting Style for Plantation Shutters

Inside (Recessed) Mount for Plantation Shutters
Situating your plantation shutters entirely within the window opening is considered an inside mount or recessed mount. Your window opening or recess must have a clearance depth of 1 ½” from the back of the plantation shutter to the window or window hardware for proper operation of window hardware’s and the window opening or recess must be square. Your window jambs (depth of recess) must be at least 2 ¾” (not including hardware space) for the plantation shutter to properly fit.

Outside (None Recessed) Mount of Plantation Shutters
The mounting of plantation shutters directly on the wall around the window is called an outside (none recessed) mount. The hanging strips are mounted directly on to the wall be side the window opening, or onto the wood of the window frame molding if you so desire, and the plantation shutters position can be altered so that the shutters align in the middle perfectly.

Make accurate measurements of all windows on which you are planning to fit your plantation shutters. You should measure across the top, bottom and middle of window see diagram. Once you have these measurements, select the biggest one. You must then measure from the top molding of the window to the top of the window sill.

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