Lawn Mower Tires, A Cut Above

Lawn mower tires are not usually one of the top things on the topic list for people to discuss at social events unless perhaps you are in the Midwest or Deep South. But none-the-less the type of tires that you use on your lawn mower can have a decidedly large impact on the performance that you are going to get from the mower.

Keep in mind that the lawn mower tires are what give you traction and enable you to carry or tow more weight when doing things. That means that the compound or type of rubber is going to be very important. Wet traction is going to be important so you are going to want to make sure that the type of rubber it is made from will allow you to get good firm grips on things like the wet morning grass. That means your want a softer rubber compound. If you go with a hard rubber foundation and try to get traction on the grass you will often find yourself spinning the tires as opposed to actually moving. That means you could damage the grass that you are trying to beautify and could cause costly damage to the grass and landscaping.

Lawn mower tires are designed for low speed traction and so you want to make sure that they are appropriately designed with right tread for the type of use you typically will be employing. If you do a lot of gardening where you will be using the mower there as a garden tractor your lawn mower tires should be lower inflation style with larger knobs to keep the tires free from dirt and mud clumps that will build up.

If you are only going to mow the yard then you can use most any lawn mower tire that is well made and designed to fit your particular tractor. And conversely if you are using this for very little yard work and have a lot of driveway or very hard level ground then you can actually use any type of lawn mower tires that you can find.

Lawn mower tires are made by most of the major tire firms and you will have little to no difficulty in locating one even at a mass retailer that will fit your needs and wants and still manage to keep the cost well within your budget. This is not a case of needing white walls or black wall tires or aqua tread tires or off road tread and slicks for racing. It is going to boil down to what you are willing to pay against what you average needs are going to be based on what demands you are going to place on the tire from the plans you have for the lawn mower or lawn tractor.

The basic guideline is softer rubber compounds give you a smoother ride and more traction with the downside being less treat life. But when you look at the number of miles put on the average lawn mower or tractor. That is really and truly a non-issue.


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