The List of Dos and Don’ts of Landscaping Around the Septic Tank!

The List of Dos and Don’ts of Landscaping Around the Septic Tank!

A septic tank is an extremely important part of your house. But isn’t attractive at all. Actually it can be rightly tagged as an eyesore in your home. You would definitely want to cover it nicely to make your house’s exteriors look appealing. Like, designing a great landscape on this area to cover this tank and the pipes surrounding it. However, even when you are designing a landscape around your septic tank, there are a few essential things to consider. Avoiding these would only turn your ideal design into a disaster.

What should and shouldn’t you do while gardening near your septic tank!

Once you install the septic tank in your backyard, you generally don’t require a glance back at this section. It’s going to stay intact for decades. That is why landscaping around this area can be an excellent idea. But in case you feel serious problems are happening in your drainage or septic system, go for pipe relining in Melbourne via Casabene Group. They’ll deal with any big or small problem related to your drains within a very short period of time and can relocate the entire pipeline for future convenience. So, you can design an ideal garden near your septic tank, and while you are creating a pleasant-looking garden here, keep in mind the dos and don’ts of doing so!

  • Do space your plants carefully — The very first thing to keep in mind when designing an ideal garden near your septic tank is providing ample space between the plants. This controls soil erosion to a large extent and the plants also get an adequate area to grow fully and to their best form.
  • Don’t go for plants that need too much water — It is always wise to go for the plants that require less water when the garden is around the septic tank. This would prevent the tangled root creation and the mess they make around your septic system.
  • Do mark the location of the access hatch on the plot — Either by keeping the area free of any planters or by especially placing an ornamental accessory here, make it a point to mark the access hatch. This will help you a lot when a certain problem arises in your system and you suddenly need access to it.
  • Don’t forget the near future— Though you’ll hardly have to lift the septic tank hatch, it’s still very important to plant the shrubs or trees keeping in mind the future. You definitely don’t want super-strong roots of the trees making their way inside the septic tank and creating a huge mess for you.
  • Do grow nutrient-loving plants on the septic area — Since the septic area is going to be all about the waste coming from your house, you know the nutrient content of the soil in this area would be very high. So, it’s better to grow crops or vegetables in this area.

You are taking a vital decision by designing a landscape around your septic tank. If you want your decision to be the best one for your house, ensure that you are taking the advice from your plumber and landscape designer before starting this task.

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