Let Your Laminates Last for Generations by Proper Care!

Let Your Laminates Last for Generations by Proper Care!

 Do you know the first thought that enters every person’s mind when he’s building a home? They want to create a safe haven to nurture their family, leave an heirloom for their generations to enjoy, and feel the love that envelops the house. Whether it’s the roof you are attaching or the floor you are laying, you always have that clear intention of making it last as long as it can. And this actually does happen in most of the cases, but only if you care for the same properly. 

Similarly, when you pick laminates as your flooring option for your home, one of the many reasons to opt for it is because it has a longer life span compared to many other flooring options. The different attractive color variants and designs it has been added benefits that would attract you towards this kind of flooring. But even though laminate flooring in Auckland from Plantation Bamboo is really long-lasting and tough because of being of the best quality, you have to care for the same property in order to retain its beauty for decades.

Quick Tips to Care for Your Laminates for Their Long Lasting Beautiful Life!

Laminates are a wonderful alternative for wood and even resembles it largely. But obviously it doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket as wood does. Not only is it easy to install, but it remains easy to maintain and demands lesser pains to look after it too.  But the methods for the upkeep should always be right. And that’s the trick you have to learn if you want your gorgeous new laminate flooring to stay put for a good many years. Let’s take a look at those clean and care tips for laminates listed below:

  • Be Soft on Them — Anything hard and sharp on the laminates is going to scratch and destroy it. So, whether it’s heavy furniture or a hard cleaning tool, beware! Opt for soft bristles of broom to clean the same as heavy and hard ones. Oh and never wear your stilettos on them! 
  • Soft and Semi-Dry Mops — Never be too generous with water usage when mopping your laminate floors. Ensure you are using microfiber mops to lightly clean and wipe them.
  • Don’t Let Stains Stay — Spills and drops of tea, wine or colour paints, etc. can leave an ugly mark on your floor that can possibly never fade or be erased. So better never let it stay for that long on the laminates to leave such ugly patches on it.
  • Harsh Bleach and Cleaning Agents Aren’t Required — No matter how tough a stain is or however dirty your floor is, you’ll never require a bleach or harsh cleaning agent to make it tidy again. Just the regular cleaning process with a little extra effort can make it new again. But if it’s bleached, then you can forget your shining and vibrant laminate floors forever.
  • Even Direct Sunlight Can Be an Issue — Laminates often get faded due to direct sunlight on them. So, if your home welcomes a really glaring sunlight, take some precautions like curtains and rugs to protect your floor for longer.

We know you put a lot of money, efforts and love into designing each part of your house, and all of them are special to you. The laminate on the floor is also a crucial part of your home. So, caring rightly for it along with other parts of your home would definitely make your buck run longer. 

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