How to Select A Home Inspector in The Villages FL?

How to Select A Home Inspector in The Villages FL?

Buying a home is a dream for many and when the time comes to fulfill this dream one must ensure that the home that they are investing in is free from any defect. If you are planning to invest in house property in The Villages FL, it’s better that you hire a home inspector to get the assessment done. However, choosing a home inspector is an important decision that you will make since it’s going to affect your investment decision in house property. In this article, we are going to share some tips that you can use for selecting a home inspector.

Tips For Selecting A Home Inspector

  • Don’t Rely Too Much on Real Estate Agent’s Referral

It is usual that a home inspector referred by your real estate agent might be influenced by the agent and thus goes lenient in the home inspection. That’s why it is not worth it to just blindly follow the suggestions that your agent gives you. Instead, do a thorough background check of the home inspector.

  • Look For Certified Home Inspectors

Candidates certified by professional organizations such as ASHI or InterNACHI add to their credibility. So find out those home inspectors who possess professional certifications from these organizations since they are expected to follow codes of ethics in their procedures.

  • A Big No To Those Who Offer Home Repair Services Too

Home inspectors shall be independent in their assessment and it would not be possible for them to give a fair report when they carry out other related activities such as home repairs and renovations. Therefore, it is better to not hire such home inspection companies.

  • Understand The Scope of Home Inspection

Enquire the home inspector about the areas that will be covered in the home inspection. Here are some areas that must form part of the inspection:

  1. Electrical fittings and systems
  2. Plumbing settings
  3. Structures being roof, basement, foundation, and walls
  4. Heating and air conditioning arrangements
  5. Sewerage systems
  6. Fire safety arrangements

Also, understand the time that the home inspection process will take. It should last for two or three hours and may take longer based on property structure.

  • Ask For Sample Inspection Report

Reports should be easily accessible and readable. Request a sample inspection report and check whether the same suits your needs. Also, check whether the home inspector will provide photos of areas containing defects.


In the end, we would say select a home inspector that fulfills the above requirements and also provides you with cost-competitive rates. No one wants to spend extra for a home inspection and neither should you! We hope that these tips would be helpful for you to select a home inspector in The Villages FL.

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