How Can An LED Plant Light Help Your Plants To Grow?

How Can An LED Plant Light Help Your Plants To Grow?

An LED plant light is beneficial for plant growth in so many different ways due to a variety of reasons. First it is important to understand the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants create their food in the presence of sunlight. In this process, carbon dioxide in the air is converted into food and oxygen is expelled into the environment. But for this process to take place, sunlight or an adequate lighting source is vital. The growth of a plant is determined by not only the amount of light but also the quality and duration of the light.

In these areas, an LED plant light is the next best thing to sunlight. Sunlight or natural light consists of all the different wavelengths, but plants can only use the red and blue wavelengths. Now while sunlight can never be wasted, it doesn’t make sense to have an artificial light source that produces all the other wavelengths as it only leads to wastage and an increase in the power consumption bill. LED lights make use of only the essential two wavelengths and therefore reduce wastage and your power bills.

When comparing an LED Grow Lamp to other types of plant lights, the LED ones clearly beat the rest. This is because most of the incandescent light bulbs produce red and orange wavelengths. While red is useful, orange is just useless. Blue light is essential for leaf growth and helps the plant to bloom along with the red wavelength. Other types like fluorescent lights are good options for plant growth but do not produce red light. They can however be used during the early stages of plant growth. An LED light emits just the right amounts of red and blue wavelengths for the optimum growth of plants.

The LED plant light also generates the right amount of heat to produce a warm environment for the plant. When plant growth is concerned, too little heat can kill a plant just as too much heat. A balanced temperature causes the plant to thrive. Certain types of lights are known to produce an excess amount of heat and often end up damaging the roots and the growth process of the plant as a whole. They can also dehydrate the plant faster. You will then have to water the plants at regular and short intervals just to help them survive. LED lights offer the perfect environment for the growth of plants.

An LED plant light also lasts for a substantial amount of time. You can use these lights for over fifteen hours a day every day and still have them running for a good decade and a half or so. They are also environment friendly and do not contain any materials that harm the environment like mercury. You can combine solar or wind energy to power your LED lights to really save a fortune in power consumption bills. Their different advantages like low energy consumption, optimum plant growth environment, portability etc make the LED plant light to be an ideal lighting solution for all of your indoor gardening needs.

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