Hover Mower Guide

Hover mowers are usually the lightest and easiest to use of all the mower types. The blades use the same rotary motion as standard rotary mowers, however the way the mower works is completely different. Where as all other mowers rely on wheels or a roller, hover mowers use a turbine above the rotary blade that drives air downwards which creates a cushion of air that will then make the mower float on the lawn and make it very light and easy to move around and operate. The body of the mower is usually plastic which makes for a light mower aiding the floating and maneuverability.
There are some downsides to hover mowers though, the first and probably the main one for me is they don’t all come with grass boxes, so if your not keen on raking up the cuttings after mowing or leaving them on the lawn doesn’t work out due to grass cutting getting trodden back into the house (leaving grass cuttings on the lawn can sometimes be of benefit to the lawn and this is covered in more depth in the Mulching mower guide).
Although totally acceptable, the finish you get from a hover mower won’t be up to the high standards you’d receive from a cylinder blade mower and the lack of a roller means you won’t get the dramatic lines that a roller would achieve but for me for small to medium lawns and if you aren’t put of by the lack of stripes a hover mower is a great alternative to the usual heavy cylinder and four wheel petrol mowers available. Hover mowers usually come in the electric variety but petrol versions are available and very popular with contractors who use them for cutting steep banks and verges

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