Handy Landscaping Tips For The Fall Season

Handy Landscaping Tips For The Fall Season

Since landscaping tends to mature and grow throughout the summer season, new defects inside your home property may tend to arise while any older ones may start getting amplified. And when the fall & winter season will arrive, any roof damage, cracks in the foundation or other house defects will become much more apparent than before. 

This is the reason why the fall season is the best time for performing all kinds of home inspection jobs, including for homeowners who have no intention of selling their house. Therefore, we suggest keeping the following landscaping tips in mind before you begin any repairing work. 

Crucial Landscaping Recommendations For The Fall Season

  • Shrubs & Trees Can Cause Cracks In The Home’s Foundation

Professional home inspector in Orlando FL points out that some tree species tend to have aggressive root growth. Even though the roots of baby trees tend to thin, small and fragile, they can still cause serious problems & damages to your home’s foundation.

It should be understood that concrete tends to be porous and is extremely prone to cracking – because all it takes is one small opening for the tree roots to exploit. Once a tree root enters through the cracks, over time slow & continuous growth will continue to widen the crack. Such cracks in the foundation will make the overall structure of the house prone to losing its integrity. 

Therefore, ensure that you deal with any nearby trees or shrubs growing in the vicinity of your house beforehand so that no foundation damage takes place. 

  • Tree Branches & Debris On Rooftop

The summer is already an extremely dangerous season for thunderstorms, lightning and hurricanes – especially in the coastal areas. With massive storms, there will be high-impact rains and winds showering upon your home. Therefore, the chances of tree branches breaking and landing upon on your rooftops or debris getting accumulated on your house’s roof are pretty predictable. 

Tree branches falling your home’s rooftop can easily break roof shingles and may even crack older asphalt shingles or metal roofing, ultimately leading to leaks.

That’s why it’s essential to perform a deep inspection of your home’s roof during the fall season and perform any repairs if required. 

  • Soil Erosion Due To Over-Watering

If you have plants nearby your house’s foundation, then you should be worried about soil erosion because overwatering of plants will lead to the topsoil being washed away over time. When the soil around your foundation starts to get washed away, any cracks or vulnerabilities in the foundation will get exposed. 

Moments like these are when you need to invest in good drainage solutions, especially if you have a lawn or garden. Moreover, ensure that you sort out such problems before the winter season arrives.

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