Growing Coffee Plant In Your Backyard

As you enjoy a regular cup of coffee from your coffee grinder, you may buy your beans from the coffee house and you wonder what the coffee plant looks like. Maybe you could grow one or two coffee plants in your backyard and make your coffee from coffee beans from your own coffee plants.

When you visit other peoples backyard you may see an apple tree or a lemon tree, but rarely a coffee plant. You can buy coffee plants from the nursery, but you should look for the common commercial varieties.

There is the tree like Arabica coffee plant, with a trunk and branches, just like a normal tree. The flavour of the beans is much richer with a complexity of taste.

Then there is Robusta coffee plant, which is more shrub like, with many trunks. The coffee from this plant is much higher in caffeine, but has bitter flavours.

Coffee plants can grow really tall, well over 30 feet high, but with pruning, the height of the coffee plant can be held to more manageable levels.

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