Five Popular Garden Tools

The gardens are increasingly popular with the general public. Today, everyone likes to have a park in front of his house, which is also good from an environmental point of view. Many people who do not have enough space to park in front of the house has a small garden with terrace or balcony, or sometimes they grow a number of plants in different cultures. What happens is that the plant is loved and grew up in almost all, if possible, in the form of a garden or a collection of plants grown in plantations. Now, when there are plants that need care and maintenance. This makes use of gardening tools a must to keep or take care of the plants.


Garden tool is in high demand these days due to the increase in the number of people involved in their own gardens. But most people are confused in determining gardening tools needed and what does not work. Here we include five popular gardening tools that are considered appropriate for the care of a garden on a daily basis:


1. Spatula: Spades is a tool used in various construction activities as well, but here we are talking about garden spade. This tool has a curved blade and handle but short handle, usually made of wood. Spatulas come in two basic forms, namely flat and curved. This tool is intended for activities such as garden planting, leveling the ground, ships and land preparation.

2. shovel: spades is a special garden has a head of narrow blade attached to a long metal shaft, usually 28 to 48 cm in length. The head of the blade tip shovel is ideal for working among the plants and close to the border and elsewhere, such as parks where appropriate cleanliness. This tool is generally used for digging, planting, and cultivation purposes.

3. rotary mowers: garden mower is a tool with a long handle and a sharp blade attached perpendicular. This tool is very effective in removing weeds from garden beds or even in some areas seems hard as a brick road. The ergonomic design of this tool allows the user to carry out weeding and other gardening tasks without the need to bend or to excessive physical exertion.

4. Rake: This tool looks like a broom, at first glance, but it’s much more than that. It is essentially a long-handled tool with a head attached to one end, with prominent teeth, which are usually made of carbon steel. The main function of this tool include scarification garden, remove the leaves fall, rake gravel and clearing and preparation. Rake has two main variants, rakes and lawn rakes.

5. Fork: spading fork, as its name suggests, is a rugged, usually made of stainless steel or iron, thick but sharp teeth attached to your head. It features an ergonomic handle and the very tip of the head. This tool is designed to provide optimal effects with minimal effort. Fork are very useful for raising activities such as gardening, piercings, and dig. It is also considered very effective in removing perennial weeds.

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