Designers’ Top Living Room Trends for 2021

Designers’ Top Living Room Trends for 2021

The living room has been a popular space in the home for many years. However, the last few months have seen it get more attention. We’re not able to entertain at parties or go to dive bars, so we spend most of our time engaging in our living room. Your living room could double as your home office.

The living room is your home’s essential space that needs improvement. Seven design experts have shared the latest living room trends. 2021 looks very fashionable.

Bold Furniture

Couches and armchairs become statement pieces as people swap in neutral colors for bold tie-dye and oversized florals.

The Roaring Twenties

Art deco-inspired living spaces are in high demand. The design is versatile and works well with contemporary decors due to its minimalist minimalism and purity of lines. It’s a style that can be easily integrated into homes with minimal architecture. It is essential to keep in touch with the past and use modern elements. Mix and match to give the space personality. You can combine materials, styles, and periods to create a living space that is unique to you.

One with Nature

I expect to see more natural colors and textures in the living room. Simple terracotta vases are great for displaying seasonal flowers and foliage. Handwoven wool rugs provide warmth and comfort, while Natural stone bowls can be displayed on your coffee table.

A Gallery Wall lets you go big.

“I think people will embrace full-wall gallery walls to tell their stories. Creating a unique vibe in your space is possible by investing in art, traveling decor, or displaying their work. This could be a great way to bring joy to your walls, especially for families with children. Encourage your kids to hang art instead of writing on it.

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