cylinder mower guide


Cylinder Mower GuideAs their name suggests Cylinder mowers work by a fast spinning cylinder blade which forces the blades of grass across bottom blade that runs parallel to the cylinder reel, it’s the height of this bottom blade that dictates the length of the grass is cut at. Cylinder blade mower was the original design of a mower and the design has changed very little since its first release.
Although they may not be the best mower for cutting long grass, they do undoubtedly give the finest cutting quality, the cylinder blade twinned with a heavy roller will give you a dramatic stripped finish to your lawn. However the increased weight of the heavy roller can make the mower a little trickier to use.
Its cylinder mowers that are used to provide the perfect finish you see on Tennis courts, Bowling greens and Golf Greens. Its worth noting that the amount of blades on the cylinder reel can vary, the more blades there are on the cylinder reel the finer the cut will be but the increase in blades also comes with a increase in price.
Like most modern day mowers cylinder mowers can be purchased either in a petrol form or in electric form. The petrol version will have increased running costs but will have much mower power and you won’t have to worry about trailing a power cable round with you like its electric alternative.

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