Cordless Lawn Mower: The Pros And Cons

With the world suddenly going green, a cordless lawn mower is a necessary tool to have. This lawn mower is environmental friendly since it does not use any gas. Lawn mowers that use gas emit smoke as a bi-product and this smoke harms the immediate environment. To power it up, this environmental friendly lawn mower uses a rechargeable battery and hence does not come with a cord. This means that you do not have to spend a lot of time going to buy gas each time you want to use the lawn mower. All you need to do is ensure that your battery is re-charged.

The cordless lawn mower also removes the need to use pull a cord in order to start it like the older and more traditional models. This makes it easier for you to operate unlike the gas-operated one, whereby starting, pausing and restarting are tasks in themselves. This lawn mower also does way with the noise that the gas-operated lawn mower brings with it. This can be an advantage especially when mowing in the evenings when noise is loudest and when you want to use your cordless phone while mowing.

A cordless lawn mower is relatively safe because it does not use gas and there is no risk of it catching fire as a gas-operated lawn mower would. Corded electric mowers are can be dangerous especially if they do not have standard electric cords that are to the manufacturer’s specifications. These cords can overheat disrupting the workings of the lawnmower or even worse, cause the operator of the mower harm.

The cordless lawn mower will save you money that would have otherwise been spent on gas, but the main disadvantage with this lawn mower is that it does not mow a very large piece of land. This comes as a disadvantage for people with large lawns, but they can still use it by using different sets of batteries and replacing the drained ones with charged ones. Charging the drained ones for use when the other ones have drained ensures continued use. For people with small lawns, this lawn mower is sufficient for the job.

It is not particularly advisable to use the cordless lawn mower on wet and very long grass. This might reduce its life. However, the greatest impact is on the batteries, which tend to drain quickly. This does not mean that you cannot use it when it is wet or raining because sometimes it is necessary. The user is just encouraged to use this mower in fairer weather.

Sometimes, when the lawn mower comes with many batteries, it tends to be heavier and thus it is not suitable for mowing steep slopes and ground that is too soft to support its weight. This is another disadvantage that the cordless lawn mower has, that can sometimes overshadow its otherwise good features.

The maintenance of this lawn mower is also easier than its traditional counterparts since it does not require the tune-ups to work efficiently. This affords you fewer worries about your mower. The other plus that the cordless lawn mower has over it’s the gas operated one is cost. The cordless model is cheaper than the gas operated one and will come in handy especially in these hard economic times.

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