Container Gardening Just Your Style 

Here you’ll learn what types of flowers are best to grow in containers plus how to create unique plantings that reflect you.

You’ll also find out about growing vegetables and tomatoes as well as growing herbs.

Plus there are tips on growing perennial flowers and annual flowers. There’s also lots of photos, techniques, and instruction for every facet and type of container gardening.

Just moved into an apartment or condo? Love urban living, even with that postage stamp of a yard? Have window boxes, a balcony or patio that needs your creative touch?

Even if you’re a beginning gardener just starting out, here you’ll find all you need for your small space gardening needs.

Including ideas for

window boxes
patio and balcony gardening
water gardens
info. on organic techniques
edible flowers (herbs as well as annual and perennial flowers)
herb gardens
how to grow veggies and tomatoes in pots

Learn how here:
How to pick plants and start seeds
How to plant and care for your flowers, vegetables, and herbs
Which planters and pots are best for you

Need products or resources?
Find heirloom seeds, glorious spring bulbs, gorgeous pots, great sources for online plants, organic products (including beneficial insects), ornamental grasses, hostas, gardening supplies (like the best pruning shears, even if you’re left-handed!) . . . .

You need it, you’ll find the sources here.
And there’s more help—A mega-flower, herb, and plant finder with photos, planting guide, and planting zones.
But what if you don’t know what plants to search for? Check out 150 Best Annual and Perennial Container Flowers—it’s listed 2 ways—by common name and by sun/shade requirements.
Then keep your plants safe—search the Garden Pest and Disease database.

Do you love to cook? Plant a culinary garden full of herbs right outside your kitchen door. Or tuck some fresh tomatoes and vegetables into that sunny patio corner. Learn how here.

Even in the garden or along its paths . . . add dashes of color or form, a little architectural focus in the form of planters, scrolled terra cotta pots or regal urns.
You’ve come to the right place to create beautiful container gardens—and you’ll do it your way—the way that fits your personality, space, and lifestyle.

Take the Trek
This site is a journey of sorts. If you start at the top on the nav bar to your left, you can explore yourself and your style. Then learn about garden design using color and plant form. Next discover what pot and spot is right for your flowers and herbs, learn how to start seeds, plant and care for your pots and planters, step-by-step instruction on water gardens . . . You’ll find all the reliable, complete, easy-to-follow tips and instructions you need to make your garden bloom—in every season!

Happy Gardening!

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