Companion Planting Clematis and Snowball Bush

Ok fellow gardeners in my never ending search to find easier way to garden, here is an article on companion planting. I got real tired of building or buying trellis for my Clematis plants which do well here in Colorado. So I decided to plant some Clematis starts under one of my large snowball bushes. As you can see from the photo the experiment worked. It worked so well that I plan on doing more of these companion plantings.

This fall I will plant some Clematis near some Butterfly bushes we have to see if they will climb up and spruce up these bushes. The attached photo was after we had a huge hail storm so the contrasting flowers looked even better before the hail storm.

I also have companion planted Iris around my Peonies to hold them up. I assume I am not the only one who hates to see those beautiful Peonies flowers fall over. I built wood cages to support them and that worked fairly well. But then I got to thinking that I could use the excess Irises I have to plant around the Peonies. Irises are nitrogen fixing plants so my thinking was that the Iris would give the Peonies a nice shot of nitrogen and hold them up as well. First the Irises bloom and when they start to fade the Peonies take off.

This worked like a charm. Never have we had better looking Peonies are Irises.

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