Christmas Table Decorations

I am not an adept or even claim to a semi accomplished handcrafter I have positively no skills in the handmade homemade department of life but even I thought this year I might attempt to create my own centerpiece for the the Christmas table decorations this year as times are tough all over and the sixty or seventy dollars I usually fork out for a floral festive creation of candles and poinsettia and various other greenery could be much better spent in other areas this year.

But what to make creating my own Christmas floral display is definitely out of the question I am less skilled in this particular niche than in any other I have tried on numerous Christmas’s past to create Christmas table decorations to add yuletide cheer to hallway stands and end tables but despite hours of arranging and rearranging they always look like something the cat dragged in I recall my final effort a couple of years ago I had trimmed and tweaked and positioned and re re arranged the same elements of floral decor that come with the professionally created Christmas arrangements but mine no matter how hard I tried my own self created displays of Christmas table decorations just always looked a little off as if they had just not quite made the grade I recall the exact instant at which I vowed to myself I would never undertake the task again. I had bits of pine tree boughs laurel leaves and fresh poinsettia blooms and holly berries strewn haphazardly across the table when hubby walked in and said extremely sincerely “oh that one looks so much better than the last” I was cut to the quick and felt mortified beyond belief and vowed to myself there and then never ever to attempt my own floral Christmas table decorations ever again.

There are many simple basic ideas that could substitute such as candles and Christmas balls in various formations in dishes and vases or or stacked in neat pyramids or just strewn around the place settings as informal Christmas table decorations. But these although they may be on par with my skill level they are not of the same decorative quality or artistic ability as my purchased focal points so are not and adequate replacement. A more creatively inclined friend has generously offered to personally build a centerpiece to form part of my Christmas table decorations , but I selfishly declined her offer even though her creations are legend within our circle as I would feel honor bound when compliments are being dished out to own to the fact that someone other than myself created the beautiful display of Christmas table decorations and that she sat right there at the table across from me that is way too humiliating an experience for any hostess to endure and quite a different horse entirely from claiming the kudos of having searched out and hand picked and personally and carefully selected your own special items of purchased Christmas table decorations .

I found from the net these ideas for Christmas table decorations using branches I particularly like the one using the little yellow mushroom birds I think that I would prefer to make the branch either white or dark green or even gold with red birds perhaps cardinals as they are a christmas birds well they are on an awful lot of Christmas card designs. I have both a white and a green table cloths so could go with red accents (napkins place mats etc) to compliment the birds .

Although I like this idea for the foundation of my Christmas table decorations this year and it appears simple enough for me to make even with my very limited repertoire of craft skills it needs that little something to take it up a notch that tiny extra just to make it that little bit more festive and Christmasy . I may not be accomplished enough to be able to hand create my own wondrous items of Christmas table decor but I do recognize it when I see it . All the above needs is a little further embellishment the keyword being “little” as adding too much would quickly overwhelm the simplicity of the design which is the most salient factor of its charm.

My version of these Christmas table decorations would have to be repeated several times as the table when both
leaves are added seats sixteen twenty at a squeeze . My first impulse to upgrade its Christmas content just a little is to add very tiny Christmas balls to the end of each twig possibly a tiny birds nest or two containing the same small glass Christmas balls or little beads in Christmas colors. A few more miniature Christmas balls could be scattered beneath the branches giving the impression that they have just fallen there from the branches above.

Either that or I could choose to hang various small Christmas tree ornaments either purchased or handcrafted from the boughs . There are certainly many small handmade tree ornaments on the net with full instructions or are so simple just seeing an example of the finished piece is inspiration enough, many of which even I could successfully complete. I could chose to hang several different styles of ornament just adhering to the same color scheme or make them all completely the same. I particularly favor the red and white tree ornaments from the top row above.

I also very much like the first two ornaments from the second row above which are a Christmas cone and a Victorian fan tree ornament both I think would add that little extra something to my birds and branches Christmas table decorations the cones I like because they can be hung from the branches with Christmas treats inside like candy canes or nuts or even the straight pretzel sticks. The fan I like because it is unusual although once very common place as tree decor its hardly ever seen on modern Christmas trees apart from its unique shape and novelty value I can make similar styled free standing fans as place markers adding another element to my Christmas table decorations.

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