Choose the Right Grass for your Lawn

To achieve the beauty you may desire for your lawn, you have to choose the right grass for your soil and planting zone.

There are many different kinds of grasses. They are classified according to the climate where they grow best. If you live in an area with a cold climate, you may want to consider grasses such as ryegrasses, bluegrass, Grama grass and fescue. In warmer climates, grasses such as St. Augustine, Bermuda, carpet grass or Bahia grass grow faster.

Grasses can also be selected based on their color. The colors differ according to the species of the grass. Colors may be blue and silver or green and silver, gold and yellow, bronze, gray, or red. They come in different hues and shades. Some grasses may give a feeling of warmth while others reflect a cool feeling.

The way you use your lawn also determines the type of grass to choose for your lawn. If you just want an attractive lawn, you may choose to use grasses such as St. Augustine or Bermuda. If you want to add an ornamental feature to your lawn, you Green Grassmay use different types of grasses according to their colors.

For specific areas such as a play area for your children or a mini golf course, there are specific grasses to be used. Gold courses may use bentgrass while tennis courts may use ryegrasses.

When choosing to plant your lawn, you have a choice between sod and grass seeds. Sod is grass that is already grown. Your choices are limited to what is available in your area in this form.

If you choose to seed your lawn, you plant the seeds and you have to wait until the grass grows. This is a less expensive method and it gives you more options for the type of grass you can plant for your lawn.

To achieve the lawn you want for your home, you should research the various types of grasses. A visit to your local garden store or home improvement store will give ideas for the types of grasses that are available in your area.

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