What it Means to Have a Lawn

The lawn is usually a feature of a home, a park, or public or private gardens. They are also surfaces on which a number of sports are played such as cricket, football, baseball, golf, tennis, and so on. Lawns are easy to maintain with the proper care which consists of a regular maintenance schedule and using the appropriate tools and techniques.

A lawn is an area where grass or other plants are grown evenly and at a certain height. When deciding on the type of lawn you want, you need to consider the soil in your yard. You also need to decide if your lawn is for aesthetic reasons such as to make the entrance to your home more appealing. Most homes have a lawn in the front and a lawn in the back.

You may decide that your front lawn is to add beauty to the entrance of your home and your back lawn is an area for the kids to play. Or, you may want to add a terrace or patio surrounded by a grassy lawn. Different types of grasses are used for play areas and lawn areas.

Sloping areas can be made more interesting when covered with grass or other types of ground coverings. There are specific grasses that can be used for these purposes such as centipede grass and buffalo grass.

For lawns on which the kids may play football or soccer, you may want to consider Creeping Bent grass and other similar types. You can move freely and easily on these Lawn and Patio Areatypes of grasses and if you fall, there is a softer impact. Red fescue is another grass to consider for a play area.

For a golfer, having a mini golf course or putting green in the backyard is appealing. This requires an investment in using the appropriate grass for various parts of the course. Maintenance is an important part of the upkeep of a mini course or putting green.

Do not forget to take into consideration the size of your lawn. You may have a large yard and want to cover only a part of it with grass. The maintenance of your lawn is dependent on its use and weather conditions are also a factor. You can add flowers and shrubs to make the yard more appealing.

Before making changes to your lawn, you may want to consider hiring a landscape architect or contractor to work with you. They can take samples of your soil and determine the best type of grass based on how the lawn will be used. They can also assist in the layout of the yard to plan areas for play, entertainment, and relaxation.

The maintenance of your lawn is dependent on its use. The height at which your grass is maintained is also dependent on its use. Weather conditions and planting zones are also a factor in determining the type of grass to be used.

A well maintained lawn is beautiful. When you are driving through neighborhoods, you can see the differences in lawns and lawn care. If you are willing to spend the time to take care of your yard, it will make you proud.

Using Lawn Care Products On Your Lawn

There are some people who could care less about how their lawn looks. But then there are others who take pride in their home and in their yard. For these people, it is important to make sure that there is a clear understanding of all of the various lawn care products a person might need in order to have the best looking lawn on the block. With so many different products out there, this can seem to be an impossible task. With a little patience and a true interest in creating a beautiful lawn, you should have no problem learning about all of the different products out there that are meant to make your lawn the best around.

You first want to take it step by step. Do you want to get rid of the bugs? Do you want to kill off the weeds but keep the grass? Do you want to fill in brown patches or patches of soil? Do you want your grass to simply have a green glow that it seems to lack at the moment? It is easy to see that there are many different issues that you could be dealing with. Maybe you are only concerned about weeds or then again, maybe you need all of the various lawn care products.

You want to make sure that you are dealing with lawn care products that are tested and proven safe for animals. Even if you do not own any pets that roam your yard, you never know when a stray dog or cat may venture onto your property. The last thing you would want to do is to poison an innocent creature so make sure that the products you are using are safe for yards with pets. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

Once you have all of the various lawn care products home, you will want to be careful to make sure that you are using them correctly. Improper use could mean that you will not get the results you want and that you waste your money. It could also mean that you could poison your plants or worse yet, poison yourself. All lawn care products work different and are to be applied differently so make sure that you are taking the time to read each and every label, including the warnings.

Remember too that not all lawn care products can be applied just any time of the year. Some are meant for the spring months while others work better in the fall. Then of course there are the lawn products that can work when applied to the lawn during any season. It all may be a little confusing at first but you will quickly find yourself getting used to everything and it will not take you long at all to apply all of the necessary products to your lawn so that you can finally have the kind of lawn you always see pictured in magazines.

Tips for Having an Eco-Friendly Lawn

Many people feel the need to be more eco-friendly and feel much more relaxed being around a green environment. It is not all about green and reusable bags in shopping centers or grocery stores. For this reason, people choose to have a garden and/or lawn at their home.

Nowadays, we hear more and more about thinking green or about green or sustainable energy. A societal problem is to get people to realize what they can do to help the environment and how different such options can be eco-friendly ones. Why is a lawn important for the environment? Well, there are a lot of reasons.

First of all, a garden absorbs carbon dioxide, cleaning the atmosphere and the environment of all the negative impact fossil fuels. Also, a lawn soaks up rainwater and it offers a good home and development environment for wildlife and insects. However, these things only work properly in the case of well-maintained and healthy lawns and gardens. To have a healthy lawn, pay a lot of attention to the different materials used, from reusable materials to the way they first build up their lawn. Being eco-friendly means that when it comes to different products, it is important that those products are green. Reading the label on the bag doesn’t necessarily mean the product is green.

Second of all, a very important aspect is the kind of lawn equipment one purchases and all the plumbing supplies necessary to build it up. For example, for a lawn one Lawnneeds a spark plug and an air filter to use with their lawn mower. This keeps the engine works properly. Why is that important? Because a good engine means a better environment, as there is less pollution and less gas consumption. These kinds of rules and eco-friendly measures are also effective when a professional assists the owner of a lawn or when the owner decides to take care of their own lawn.

Another extremely important eco-friendly aspect has to do with the different substances used in different situations such as weed problems, gardening problems or fighting against garden pests. Instead of using different, very dangerous weed killers, for example, it is recommended to use good pesticides which encourage wildlife and not destroy it. Another way to get rid of pests is to wash leaves with soap or place trips for beetles and aphids.

The secret to having an eco-friendly lawn is to pay attention to the things one buys and becoming more informed about the various options. That is, if you want to be more eco-friendly.

The Steps to Choosing a Lawn and Garden Tractor for Your Needs

Choosing a lawn and garden tractor may prove to be a challenging task. These products are quite expensive and seeing that there are so many options on the market today, it is essential to establish what types of things that you should be searching for when you are seeking one. If your property exceeds that of one acre, it may be necessary to purchase a lawn and garden tractor as you could benefit in numerous ways from the convenience that such a system offers. In this product guide, I will share some steps that should be taken when it comes to choosing a lawn and garden tractor for your needs.

1. The very first step in choosing a lawn and garden tractor is determining the amount of space that you will need to cover with the product. When it comes to tractors, the size is typically determined by what is referred to as the “deck”. The size of your property will help guide you in how many inches the deck should be on the tractor. If your property measures in at one acre or less, it is appropriate to choose a model that has a deck of about forty two inches. If your property exceeds one acre, but does not exceed two acres, a lawn and garden tractor with a deck of up to forty six inches will likely be appropriate. Property that exceeds two acres and more will be best suited with a tractor that has a fifty four inch deck.

2. The next thing that must be considered when choosing a lawn and garden tractor is your preference as far as transmissions are concerned. Just like with most automobiles, you have the option of electing to purchase an automatic transmission. If the lawn that you will care for will require you to maneuver around obstacles such as buildings and plants, automatic transmissions are the best choice as you are capable of controlling the speed with ease. The second type of transmission is one that utilizes an assortment of gears. If your property is clear and simply requires straight cutting, gear transmissions will likely benefit you.

3. The next step to choosing a lawn and garden tractor is determining how much power you want the engine on the product to have. If you must mow uphill, for example, you will need to ensure that the tractor’s engine has the power required to accomplish this task. If the grass and weeds on the property grow in a thick manner, a high powered engine will also be required. However, if you purchase a lawn and garden tractor just to take care of the basic maintenance that your property requires and that property is flat and does not grow thickly, a standard low powered engine will be appropriate to your needs.

Choosing a lawn and garden tractor for your home will be challenging and relatively expensive. Those are two facts that you should know before even checking out the models in your community. However, if you consider the three steps contained in this product guide, you are sure to discover a lawn and garden tractor that is appropriate to your needs as a homeowner.

The Paradise that is Lake Lawn Resort

Located in Delavan, Wisconsin, Lake Lawn Resort is an extremely popular vacation destination. It boasts of lush wooded lakeside surroundings that make the ideal getaway for the whole family. Getting to the resort is aided by a private airport (the Lake Lawn Airport) through which a large number of visitors pass through throughout the year as they come to savor the magnificence of this resort, often rated as one of the top ten in Wisconsin.

Lake Lawn Resort is characterized by vast greenery and projects an enchanting tranquility. The entire 275 acres of land offers the ideal vacation retreat and hosts several activities one can enjoy. The resort has two high standard restaurants, an extensive golf course, up to 300 guest rooms and a health club among other amenities. There is, quite literally, a lot to choose from for vacationers visiting the resort.

As a golf resort, playing golf is of course the most popular of all of them, what with a world-class 18-hole golf course. Thousands of visitors throng to the resort year round to have a first hand experience on its golf course. This fine course has caught the attention of golf pros such as Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. The resort’s Championship Golf Course is often seen as the main attraction for golfers and other visitors.

Besides golf, other exciting recreational activities available at Lake Lawn Resort include tennis, basketball, fishing, swimming, a spa and numerous water sports. In addition, there is a golf school where beginners and amateurs can learn a few skills on how to work some magic on the resort’s golf course. At Delavan Lake, you will get the opportunity to engage in a variety of water sports such as kayaking, pedaling boats and wave running. All equipment for these activities is available for hire at the main dock.

There are a lot of friendly packages available for vacationers at Lake Lawn Resort. These vary from one night and two night packages to weekend, summer and special golf packages at varied prices. There also are conference facilities with a total of 22 conference rooms. There is a picnic area used during summer by vacationers and a children’s playground, where kids can experience memorable times at the resort too. The biking trail and zoo offers the kids alternative activities while the hiking trail will grant the whole family a thrilling outdoor experience.

Fine dining services are yet another popular aspect of the Lake Lawn Resort. At the Frontier Restaurant, you will enjoy its extraordinarily sumptuous menu. All days of the weekend have special themes starting with Friday’s Fish Feast. Saturday is Prime Time when a rib buffet is held while Sunday is popularly known as the day for Champagne Brunch. Each of these themes is accompanied by a selection of mouthwatering dishes prepared by the top class chef of the restaurant and his obviously skillful team.

Accommodation at the Lake Lawn Resort is the real essence of comfort and luxury. Each of the rooms is fitted with luxurious furniture and has a warm décor. There is also a furnished balcony for each of the rooms, overlooking the resort’s beautiful scenery. A vacation trip to the resort will remain memorable long after it is over.

The Lawn Care Industry Is Big Business

Beautiful lawns enhance homes, neighborhoods and communities all across the country. There

are neighborhoods that are very comfortable and welcoming because the homes are nestled in

luxurious green grass. Football fields of green grass provide a place where students and

other members of the community can go to watch an exciting game. Many communities have

great parks with beautiful lawns for the enjoyment of the citizens. The lawn care industry

makes millions of dollars every year by providing the tools for these beautiful lawns. The

lawn care industry provides the materials for starting a beautiful lawn, and the lawn care

industry also has the materials necessary for maintaining the lawns.

The lawn care industry has some great materials for starting a great lawn. The experts in

the lawn care industry have worked with seeds to produce some that are great for starting a

wonderful lawn. Their efforts are based in serious study that produces these fantastic

materials. The lawn care industry has also developed the methods for creating sod that can

be transferred from their facilities to a home or park for an instant lawn. The lawns

started with sod developed by experts of the lawn care industry are hearty for the best

possible lawns available. People can have a beautiful lawn in a few hours by using sod

prepared in the local nurseries.

The Lawn Care Industry Provides The Materials For Maintaining A Great Lawn

The lawn care industry also provides plenty of help once the lawn is established. The

experts in the industry provide plenty of information for those intent on having a

beautiful lawn. There are instructions for the first stages and materials that help

gardeners keep the lawn looking great for many years. There are many fertilizers and other

nutrients that are necessary for a green lawn. These materials can be applied by any

amateur with guidance from the experts.

The lawn care industry also provides information for the physical work that is necessary to

keeping a lawn green. There are many different tools including aerators, hoes and mowers

that are designed to keep lawns beautiful. There are materials for treating the soil that

keeps the grass green. If the soil is beyond repair, the experts have bags of soil that

can be used to keep the lawn in great shape. Anyone interested in growing and maintaining

a wonderful lawn will be able to find plenty of help.

Taking Care of your Lawn Naturally

In terms of aesthetic value, the lawn is the first thing one sees when entering the path to the front door of your home. This makes lawn care an essential part of the maintenance of your home.

There are two ways to control the weeds and pests that may endanger the beauty of your lawn. One is by using chemical pesticides and herbicides. The other method is to control the environment naturally and organically.

Watering your Lawn

Water your lawn on alternate days. If you soak it, you will not have to water it everyday. Water your lawn in the evening. Water tends to evaporate less. If you have automatic sprinklers, you should set them between midnight and 8am when it is coolest.

Check your local weather forecast. If it is going to rain, do not water you lawn on that day. After the rain, check to see how much moisture there is in your lawn. You may not have to water for a couple of days or more.

Test your Soil

Test your soil to determine what nutrients it has. If it is low in a particular nutrient or Natural Lawn Carelacks a nutrient, you need to research and determine the best fertilizer for your lawn. Using an inappropriate fertilizer can damage your soil. Keep it healthy by adding only what it needs.

Attract Birds

Birds are a beautiful asset to your lawn or garden area. They eat the bugs that eat the leaves or roots of your plants. You should plant shrubs where birds can perch or hang out in your yard. This will cut down on your need for chemical pesticides and will add beauty to your lawn area.

Kill Weeds

Kill weeds naturally. You can use a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar to sprinkle or spray on weeds. The weeds will wilt and you will not have to poison your soil.

Using organic methods to take care of your lawn will ensure that you have a beautiful yard while protecting the environment. Natural methods will also help to save money.

Take Care of Common Lawn Problems Early

Since you have gone to the trouble of planting seed to grow a beautiful healthy lawn or you have laid sod, you want it to remain healthy. You also want to make sure that its beauty continually enhances your home.

One way to maintain your healthy lawn is to check for common problems that may affect your lawn.

Bare Patches

Check your lawn for bald spot. If this is a high traffic area, you may want to use stone pavers to protect the area. If not, then you should rake the soil in the spring or in the early fall and reseed. Keep the area moist for a couple of weeks.


Bugs are pests because they like to eat plants. They will eat leaves or they will eat the roots. They also leave eggs which will detract from the beauty of your lawn. Check for patches of dying brown grass on your lawn. The best way to control pests is to carefully choose the appropriate insecticide to use. Spray the insecticide during the summer when these pests usually lay their eggs. Add some fertilizer to give your lawn a boost.

Dog Urine

WeedsWhen you dog has to go, it has to go. Try to get your dog to drink more water to dilute their urine. A concentration of dog urine in one area can create dying brown patches in your lawn.

Mushrooms and Toadstools

Usually when we see mushrooms or toadstools in our lawn, we have a tendency to pluck them. They are, however, a sign that your lawn is thriving. They do not harm the grass or plants and they disappear on their own.


An unsightly lawn will have weeds growing throughout it. Check your lawn and research the types of weeds that are growing. Weeds may be classified as annuals, biennials, or perennials. They should be destroyed while they are still young. You can use an herbicide to kill them. However, you should check with your local garden store or home improvement store for advice on the best weed killer to use. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label.

If you are unsuccessful in killing the weeds, you may want to consider removing all of your grass and replant your lawn.

The most common lawn problems can be taken care of with minimal effort as long as you stay vigilant.

Protecting Your Lawn from Lawn Grubs

Lawn Grubs are a very big enemy for lawns. If you are planting a garden or a flower bed, or just leveling up some winter potholes, and find one white grub or any type of grub; then you know that you will have a potential Lawn Grub issue. Where you find one grub, you will eventually see more and more of them. These insects can cause very serious damage if their population increases.

During the latter part of the summer time, if you notice that your lawn has some brown spots in it, and you know that this section of lawn is getting enough water, then this is a sure sign that you have Lawn Grubs. Grubs feed on the roots of grass, which causes the browning areas. If this is the case, gently pull back the brown layer of grass and dig around with a garden tool. This is an effective way to determine for sure if you have Lawn Grubs.

If the brown sections of sod are in a shaded area, then Lawn Grubs may not be your issue. Grubs do not usually like shaded areas. Another way to tell if you have grubs in your lawn is if you notice animals digging in the grass. Moles, birds, Raccoons, and other small animals feed off these grubs.

You are probably wondering by now where these Lawn Grubs come from. The answer is from a beetle called the Masked Chafer. This beetle is brown in color and you can sometimes notice them flying around at night. Japanese beetles which are black with a dark brown back will also lay eggs in the soil and the larvae, or grubs will eat the grass roots.

The best way to prevent Lawn Grubs is to keep monitoring your lawns brown sections. If you find any sign of the grubs, you can try insecticides such as Halofenozide, or Imidacloprid. Other insecticides which can be used are Diazinon, or Trechlorfox. You should water your lawn before you apply the insecticides, then again after you apply it, to help it sink into the soil. You can also drive to your local lawn and garden center to check what sort of products they carry. Always look in the lower right or left corner to find out what types of bugs the products get rid of. Some people use Seven Dust, as it kills almost all sorts of insects which could be bad for your lawn.

If you have very severe Lawn Grub damage, it may be easier to reseed the area in the spring. If however, you do not want to reseed, your next option would be to rake away the dead debris and water the area; this can be done right before Labor Day.

You can purchase organic Lawn Grub controls, called Nematodes. These Nematodes are very small worms. There proper name is Heterorhabditis Bacteriophora Nematodes. These worms search for grubs and enter its body; once the Nematode enters the grub’s body it releases bacteria into the grub, which causes the grub to die. You should apply these Nematodes in the late afternoon, and use adequate moisture immediately.

These lawn care tips should help you prevent any unwanted Lawn Grubs; as well as detecting if you do actually have a grub problem, or if you simply have issues with lawn browning. Having a great looking lawn will depend on how good you take care of it.

Many Products To Choose For Lawn Care DIY

When it comes to having a lush green lawn there are many products made for lawn care DIY and if you choose to go with them plan on spending time reading the instructions before buying them. For example, some weed and feed products work best when applied to a damp lawn while others will give better results on a dry yard. You will need to read the directions to determine which one you are planning to use.

One piece of equipment you will need for lawn care DIY is a spreader. Depending on the size of your yard, you can choose from a hand spreader, a drop spreader or a broadcast spreader. For yards the size of postage stamps a hand spreader can be used. For small lawns, under about 15,000 square feet you can probably get by with a drop spreader, however for larger yards a broadcast spreader will get the job done quicker.

Make sure when you are ready to apply a weed and feed product as part of your lawn care DIY you select the one for the season in which you are making the application. There are different feeding products used in early spring, summer and fall and using the wrong one during the wrong season will not enable the product to perform as it is intended.

More To Lawn Care The Using A Mower

When it is time to cut your lawn, the weather should play a role in how short you cut the grass. If the weather is dry and the prediction is for dry weather, the shortest the grass should be cut is three inches. Two inches will keep your lawn healthy most of the time but for the last cut of the year lawn care DIY stipulates it is proper to take it down to one inch, which will not hurt it.

A lawn’s worst enemy are bugs and grubs that live under ground and attack your grass. Grubs also attract moles, which feed on the grubs and dig tunnels under the ground, which feels like weak spots when you walk on them. A lawn care DIY treatment against grubs will be needed to rid your lawn of these pests and once they are gone, the moles should also move to happier feeding grounds. If the moles stay once the grubs are gone, a treatment for the moles may be in order.