Why You Should Buy Solar Lawn Lights

Why should you buy solar lawn lights for you home? For many different reasons. What a solar out door light is, it is a self contained light, that uses small voltaic solar cells to collect the sun’s rays, store the energy and use it for lighting at night. Depending on type of the bulb, a solar out door light can last up to 12 hours, well more than enough time for an average use. They are virtually maintenance free, and all parts are fully enclosed. The only thing you have to worry about is replacing a bulb once in awhile. Oh that and worrying about what kind to use for you needs, given that there are so many products available.

There is more products out on the market than you can shake a stick at. Because this market is so competitive, prices have not only dropped in recent years, but are staying low. For example, The Westinghouse 401018-08 Bristol Solar Powered Landscape lights is one offering. This is a set of eight stand alone stake lights, with a classic black finish, and using a ‘natural’ white light to illuminate any drive or walkway. You can pick up these beauties for just around forty dollars, around five dollars apiece. Considering that just a few years ago, this same set of lights could have gone for more than fifty dollars.

Again the choices for solar lawn lights styles can be astounding. You can pick up solar powered light and motion detectors, stake lights, light strings, and even several styles of old fashioned lamp posts. You can find lights that can be purchase separately, or in a set or even a string of them, linked together. For security and piece of mind these can’t be beat, because even in power outage, you will still be able to see around your yard.

Now when buying solar lawn lights, it is a good idea to step back for a moment and evaluate the situation. One of the things you should take into consideration is what you are going to need the lights for. If you are just needed to light up a path or walkway, stake lights may be the right ones for you. If you are trying to illuminate at patio or porch, lamp post, and string lights are good options. Some things to remember, although cost have come down, many lesser quality companies are making these lights, but many consumers are finding that they don’t last long.

You should make sure number one that you are buying products that have LED lights. These have a brighter light than most standard bulbs, and their power drawn is very small. A regular solar bulb, even at full charge, may only last six to eight hours, where an LED lamp can last twelve. These are a little higher in price, but worth it over the long run. Really make sure that the voltaic solar cells are of high quality and damage resistant. Don’t compromise here, low quality cells will wear out quickly, and the surfaces can get clouded or damaged from the sun.

What are Lawn Plugs

Just what are lawn plugs? They are just like commercials you see on television for hair restoration, you know the ones. They take little clumps of hair from one part of your head, and implant them into your bald spot, and new hair starts to grow. The same is true with a lawn plug. You have a couple of choices here though. There are tools you can buy that are similar to a lawn aerator, they remove small sections, usually about two to three inches square, and use these ‘plugs’ in other parts of your yard where there is not grass, or where you have a bald spot in your lawn.

You can do it this way, or you can order grass lawn plugs from either a lawn and garden center or online. One word of warning, there are many different types of grass plugs available, but you have to know which varieties will grow the best in your climate without damage. You should check with local dealers in your area to find out which varieties grow in your community.

Not only can you use lawn plugs to fill in bare patches, but you can also use them as an alternative way to put in a new landscaping project. You would simply clear away the area where you want your lawn to go first, until it is flat and level. Then you can either buy a special tool that will form a perfect plug whole, or you can use a small have shovel to pop out a little section of the soil. You will want to plant each plug in the warmer seasons, and plant them twelve inches apart. You can use any standard ruler for this. You will then just plant the plugs in the holes, at ground level, and tap each one tightly into it’s hole. Keep doing this with each row, also keeping the rows 12″ apart, until you are done. This method is similar to planting a garden as well.

While not drowning it, you will want to keep the lawn watered regularly until it establishes a foot hold in the ground. There are advantages of using lawn plugs. One of them is to path up spots in your yard. These plugs also have established grass plants, not seeds, so they won’t get eaten by grain eating animals. They grow faster than just planting grass seed, and are more hearty, since they are already considered starter plants. It is also much cheaper than hiring one of those lawn guys that spray on landscaping, and allows it to grow. Many times these services mean well, but often have to come back because it grass didn’t grow the first time, or grew sporadically.

Some of the things to consider when picking a lawn plug are your climate, what variety you are going to use, and how tolerant of salt content, or drought your choice will be. While it is a good idea to shop around, don’t go with any cheap brand or dealer, you will always want to do it right the first time.

Turn your Garden into a Heavenly Place with a Lawn Tiller

Honestly, enhancing and turning the earth may be one of the grubbiest activities, yet it is very necessary for keeping a lovely garden. Doing so can even make you feel aggravated and irritated. For a few people, gardening is not a back breaking task, either way you would wonder, is a gorgeous garden even achievable? Of course, it is – the whole thing relies on the piece of equipment, a lawn tiller.

Whether you are a gardener, or just somebody who has a little backyard area, a good quality motorized lawn tiller can make your work hours in the garden a lot easier in a matter of two to three hours. Aside from that, you could also convert your lawn into a stunning and gorgeous garden bed just by simply using the lawn tiller. Once your plants and flowers are healthily growing, you may use this once every week to get rid of the weeds and make it easy for the soil to absorb water.

A lawn tiller is able to create and produce an extremely extravagant garden. There are three types of lawn tillers available. They are mini-tiller, mid-tined tiller, and the rear-tined garden tiller. Most of the time, depending on your choice, you can purchase the kind of tiller you need easily. Here is what you will get with each tiller.

-Mighty Mini

A mini lawn tiller is commonly known and considered as the most recent and quick-developing type of cultivator or tiller. Chiefly, it is considered as a cultivator, which functions by doing light tilling. For example, for your vegetable plot, you can use this lawn tiller to place animal compost there. Nevertheless, it would only work if you are working on a small garden lawn, for a bigger one, a larger lawn tiller would be perfect.

The majority of these minis can work and till with a range of 8 inches deep and 6-12 inches wide. Given that they are much smaller compared to others it is much easier to handle and control. The only disadvantage that this lawn tiller has is that they are lighter in weight meaning there is a great possibility that it will bounce if the machine is working on rigid earth.

-Rear-Wined Tiller

If a much larger job needs to be done, a rear-wined lawn tiller would be ideal to use. This tiller type drives itself away towards the garden with the aid of a little tractor. A high-quality rear-wined tiller would only need a little amount of force exerted from the gardener. Range of this tiller can work up to 8 inches deep and 14-34 inches wide. Since this tiller contains motor and wheels at the front, it cannot work throughout blockages.

-Mid-tined tiller

Much larger and heavier compared to the mini-tiller, this lawn tiller can till up to 8-12 inches deep and 10-36 inches wide. In contrast to a rear-wined tiller, it could operate through blockages and obstacles but it needs additional control and strength for it to move. Having an excellent kind of soil and a large area of land will enable the process to be a piece of cake.

A lawn tiller has the control and authority to make your garden look fantastic. Keep in mind to plan the look of your garden before you begin this task. With a bit of time and effort, you will have the most noticeable and exquisite garden in the neighborhood.

The Lawn Rolling ProcessThe Lawn Rolling Process

On occasion, many homeowners indulge in the lawn rolling process. There are some individuals that will engage in this activity yearly. It is important to understand that this is not necessary. There are specific occasions in which this should be done. It should not be an annual process if it is not necessary. Many lawn technicians and other professionals view annual lawn rolling as a danger to lawns. In this guide, you will learn about the process of rolling your lawn and specifications on when this should be done.

When to Engage in Lawn Rolling

There are a number of situations that may call for you to engage in the lawn rolling process. If you have recently seeded your property, it may be appropriate to roll it afterwards. If you live in an area that is known to experience winters that are relatively harsh, you may find that the soil of your lawn is a bit heavier than it should be. In this instance, rolling may be necessary in order to unmask the healthy soil beneath the ground’s surface. If you have recently engaged in the practice of sodding your property, you may benefit from a traditional lawn rolling. There are many lawns that are prone to attract certain pests and animals. Many of these animals may tunnel or dig in the yard. If your lawn has warrens or any other type of digging, you may benefit from doing a lawn rolling.

How to Do a Lawn Rolling

The steps to perform lawn rolling are relatively simple. Before beginning this process, it is absolutely essential that you know and understand the steps involved in the process. This will ensure that you do not accidentally damage the soil that rests beneath the ground’s surface. Follow these steps in order to properly perform a lawn rolling:

* If you want to roll your property, it is important to ensure that you do it when the ground is damp. However, do not ever do it when the ground is saturated. If you make the mistake of doing this, your lawn will experience what is referred to as “soil compaction”. When this occurs, the grass seeds and seedlings will not receive the water or the oxygen that they require in order to grow properly.

* When lawn rolling on residential property, never opt for heavy or commercial rollers. This simply is not necessary. All you need is a simple, lightweight model that is designed to handle basic residential property.

* There is a certain time of the year that it is most appropriate to conduct a lawn rolling. This is the spring season. The reason that this is an optimal time is because the grass on the property is starting to “wake up” from the winter season. This means that the roots are in the process of growing and by rolling the soil, your lawn will have the best chance of developing into the healthy lawn that you desire to have.

* Do you live in an area where there is a lot of clay? If you do, it is important to avoid engaging in the practice of lawn rolling. Remember that issue I mentioned previously called “soil compaction”? Well, clay is extremely prone to experiencing this complication.

Remember, the lawn rolling process is specific to certain situations. It does not have to be performed annually. If you are facing one of the situations contained in this guide, be sure to follow these tips for properly rolling your property.

The Benefits of Organic Lawn Fertilizer Exposed


There are many benefits associated with organic lawn fertilizer. Lawn fertilizers that are created from chemicals are often referred to as “Synthetic”. Research has concluded that these types of fertilizers lack the ability to provide vitamins and nutrients that are considered to be essential in order to produce lawns that are healthy. The main reason that this occurs is that the biomass contained within the actual soil of the lawn is killed. When this occurs, grass and plant growth that is part of the lawn that is suffering from lack of nutrients is greatly inhibited. If an organic lawn fertilizer is used, it will actually stimulate the actual biomass that is part of the soil in order to promote the growth of the plants and the grass that is part of the lawn. In this guide on organic products, you will learn about the benefits associated with organic lawn fertilizer.

The first component to ensuring a healthy lawn is ensuring that the soil contained within the lawn is healthy. While chemical law fertilizers promise to promote health within the soil, these products have actually been found to reduce the health of the soil. In order for soil to reach a high level of health, there are many components and processes that must be occurring and present on a regular basis. The presence of microorganisms is the first component. These organisms consist of bacterium and even fungi. However, protozoa are also essential. The presence of items such as various types of rocks, a steady supply of water, and even residue contained from organic matter is also essential. If you implement the use of an organic lawn fertilizer, you are likely to discover all of these necessary elements within the product.

The following outlines just a few of the many benefits associated with using an organic lawn fertilizer:

* By using organic or “natural” materials in the soil of your lawn, the development of the roots that are part of the plants and the grass will be greatly enhanced. As a result of the stimulation in the area of the roots, the growth is also enhanced.

* Regardless of what type of soil that your lawn contains naturally and the Ph balance of that soil, an organic lawn fertilizer can assist in the process of enhancing the color of the plants that grow there and will successfully assist in overcoming common challenges such as slow growth.

* There are a number of factors that may place stress on plants and grass that grow in your lawn. As a result of this stress, the plant life may experience slow growth, lack of growth, and even diseases. A lawn that uses organic lawn fertilizer rarely experiences these complications.

* Weeds are very common when it comes to lawns. These are an absolute nuisance. By using an organic lawn fertilizer, one may overcome the challenges that weeds pose. Organic fertilizer actually inhibits the overall growth of weeds within a lawn.

* If an organic lawn fertilizer is used, it aids in the protection of plants and grass by eliminating the possibility that pathogens may attack seeds and seedlings that are in the process of germinating.

As you can see from the information contained here, there are many benefits associated with organic lawn fertilizer. If you want healthy, beautiful grass, chemical based lawn fertilizers should be avoided.

The Advantages of Using Liquid Lawn Fertilizer


This is a type of liquid that is concentrated with nutrients that work to create a healthy lawn. While fertilizers that are granular based are the most commonly used, liquid based systems are now starting to gain quickly in popularity. In order to have a healthy lawn, many nutrients must be present. Nourishment increases the overall immunity of the grass and plants that are part of your lawn. In turn, these living elements are able to effectively fight against diseases that can result in plant death. Additionally, if nourishment is present, the grass and plants in the lawn will grow rapidly and have a healthier appearance. In this lawn care guide, you will be introduced to the advantages of using liquid lawn fertilizer.


When using a liquid lawn fertilizer, the application is achieved by simply spraying the product over the lawn as well as any plant life in the lawn. Unlike standard granular fertilizers, this application method is beneficial in that it allows you to evenly distribute the fertilizer. When you purchase liquid lawn fertilizer, you will discover that there are two basic forms. The first is referred to as “Ready to Use”, and the second is referred to as “Water Soluble”. Most come in a container that can be attached directly to any type of garden hose.


As mentioned previously, there are many advantages to incorporating the use of a liquid lawn fertilizer on your lawn. The first advantage has already been mentioned – the fact that liquid fertilizer can be distributed in an even manner on the lawn as well as the plants that are part of the lawn. It is simply too challenging to achieve this with standard granular based lawn fertilizers. The next advantage has also been mentioned, though it was not initially listed as an advantage. That is, the fertilizer comes in containers that can be easily attached to any type of house in order to optimize coverage.

Most lawn fertilizers contain pesticides so that certain creatures are unable to enter the lawn and destroy the grass and plants. Furthermore, pests have been known to affect the chemical balance of the soil. If you use a liquid lawn fertilizer, you will find that pesticides are contained within the mix. However, unlike granular pesticides, these do not damage the living plants and grass on your property. Many homeowners find this to be a huge advantage. The reason that the chemicals in liquid lawn fertilizer are not so harsh is due to the fact that there is a lower amount of nitrogen contained in the product. Granular fertilizers often have an extremely high nitrogen content.

If you have used granular fertilizers on your lawn, you probably observed the fact that it took forever to see results. If you elect to use liquid lawn fertilizer, you will discover that the results are nearly instantaneous. This is because the concentrated liquid is able to quickly reach the roots and the leaves of plants contained within the lawn much faster than granules that often require frequent watering and rain in order to work effectively. As you can see, there are many advantages when it comes to implementing the use of liquid lawn fertilizer – especially when you compare it to granular lawn fertilizer.


Shopping For The Cheap Lawn Mower

Even though cutting the grass is not everyone’s favorite thing to do on a Saturday, it is something that has to be addressed. Not only does an over grown lawn look bad but in some neighborhoods, it is enough to get fined over. In order to make sure that you do not have any trouble with the neighbors or with the town, you will want to make sure that you are at least picking up a cheap lawn mower.

While some people believe that they have to have the two thousand dollar lawn mower, it is not necessary. So if you do not have a few acres to cut and you are not all that into cutting your grass, you might as well save your money and go for the cheap lawn mower to save yourself a lot of money.

There are many different versions of the cheap lawn mower out there. Most department stores now have a lawn and garden section in which a cheap model can be found. The prices for the cheaper models range from one hundred dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars, depending on where you shop. If you are not finding what you would like in the department or home improvement stores, you will be able to find what you need online.

When shopping online, many people tend to think that they will not be able to find the best deals out there. The thing is though, since the online companies generally do not have to deal with the overhead that your typical department or home improvement store has to deal with, you have a very good chance at finding a cheap lawn mower. In addition, the nice thing about shopping online is that you will have a much bigger selection than you would have if you drove to a store.

In order to shop in person, get a large variety of options to pick from and really comparison shop, you will have to spend an entire day or two driving around. All of the gasoline money and time lost sort of defeats the purpose of going for the cheaper model of lawn mowers. When you shop online, you should have no problems finding exactly what you need within minutes.

You also do not have to worry about how you are going to haul the lawn mower home. The boxes they usually come in are rather large. If you do not have a truck or a van, you might find that it will be difficult to get the lawn mower home. If you simply order it online and have it shipped to your house, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time and frustration. Make sure that you are looking around for the best deals on shipping charges as well in order to make sure that you are still getting a cheap lawn mower.

In the end, you will see that the cheap lawn mower was worth the money and that it cuts just as well as any other lawn mower. When you find yourself not having to go broke over lawn care equipment, you might see cutting grass in a whole new light.


Selecting Lawn Mower Dealers

Those that wish to take the best care of their lawns often will mow it themselves. That means they will need to purchase their own lawn mower. And, of course, the individual will wish to purchase the best lawn mower that delivers the best service within the budget they have available. Of course, all lawn mower dealers will claim to be able to offer the very best deal on the very best lawn mower available at the exclusion of all other dealers. So, how does the consumer know he is making the best decision purchasing from a particular lawn mower dealer? The best course of action to follow involves applying a little basic criterion to the purchasing process:

Always stick with lawn mower dealers that have been in business for some years. Quality businesses will last for a long time. When a dealer has been selling lawn mowers in the marketplace for several years, this is a good indication that the dealer has left a number of satisfied customers in his wake.

Dealers that offer excellent warranties and “no hassle” return policies are certainly worth working with as well. Even some of the best manufacturers of lawn mowers will release the errant dud product with a flaw in it. When this happens, you should not have to pay for the repairs. That is why lawn mower dealers that offer extended warranties are always well worth seeking out. Such extended warranties can greatly reduce costs associated with the use of the lawn mower and are well worth signing up for…provided, of course, the dealer offers one.

Excellent customer service should always be a major component of any and all lawn mower dealers you sign with. When you call the dealers, are your questions and inquiries handles effectively? When you send an email inquiry, are the emails returned in a decent amount of time? Those lawn mower dealers that are known for their ability to respond to customer service inquiries in a prompt manner are always a plus to do business with. When you find a dealer that has excellent customer service, stick with it!

Does the dealer offer repair service on site? This can be considered another plus since it eliminates the need to shipping the lawn mower elsewhere for repairs. Some may overlook this component but it is an important one. After all, why wait for the repair work to be finished longer than you have to?

Lawn mower dealers that have reasonable store hours are always a plus. You never know when you will need parts and accessories for your lawn mower. A dealer that has good operating hours is always worth visiting. When you need to make a purchase, you should not have to wait two days to do so. Stick with shops with reasonable hours. This will eliminate a lot of inconvenience.

Really, you can employ any criteria you wish when it comes to your selection of a dealer. The criteria listed herein should definitely prove helpful.


Lawn Mower Tires, A Cut Above

Lawn mower tires are not usually one of the top things on the topic list for people to discuss at social events unless perhaps you are in the Midwest or Deep South. But none-the-less the type of tires that you use on your lawn mower can have a decidedly large impact on the performance that you are going to get from the mower.

Keep in mind that the lawn mower tires are what give you traction and enable you to carry or tow more weight when doing things. That means that the compound or type of rubber is going to be very important. Wet traction is going to be important so you are going to want to make sure that the type of rubber it is made from will allow you to get good firm grips on things like the wet morning grass. That means your want a softer rubber compound. If you go with a hard rubber foundation and try to get traction on the grass you will often find yourself spinning the tires as opposed to actually moving. That means you could damage the grass that you are trying to beautify and could cause costly damage to the grass and landscaping.

Lawn mower tires are designed for low speed traction and so you want to make sure that they are appropriately designed with right tread for the type of use you typically will be employing. If you do a lot of gardening where you will be using the mower there as a garden tractor your lawn mower tires should be lower inflation style with larger knobs to keep the tires free from dirt and mud clumps that will build up.

If you are only going to mow the yard then you can use most any lawn mower tire that is well made and designed to fit your particular tractor. And conversely if you are using this for very little yard work and have a lot of driveway or very hard level ground then you can actually use any type of lawn mower tires that you can find.

Lawn mower tires are made by most of the major tire firms and you will have little to no difficulty in locating one even at a mass retailer that will fit your needs and wants and still manage to keep the cost well within your budget. This is not a case of needing white walls or black wall tires or aqua tread tires or off road tread and slicks for racing. It is going to boil down to what you are willing to pay against what you average needs are going to be based on what demands you are going to place on the tire from the plans you have for the lawn mower or lawn tractor.

The basic guideline is softer rubber compounds give you a smoother ride and more traction with the downside being less treat life. But when you look at the number of miles put on the average lawn mower or tractor. That is really and truly a non-issue.


Cordless Electric Lawn Mower – Makes Mowing Easy


If you are tired of straining your arm from all that yanking on a lawn mower cord, then you are going to love the cordless electric lawn mower. No more yanking and no more hard-to-start lawn mowers. All it takes is a simple push of a button and your mower comes to life.

When your electric mower springs into action, the first thing you will notice is how quiet it is. It operates off a battery and does not use a noisy engine that also emits noxious fumes. Mowing won’t be such a chore when you don’t have to put up with the ear deafening sound and gas fumes anymore.

The cordless electric lawn mower requires very little maintenance. You will need to replace the battery about once every five years and sharpen the blades, but that is it. Of course, you’ll have to remember to charge the battery between uses.

Compare that to a traditional mower where you must buy gas, change the oil, replace spark plugs and air filters, and perform engine tune-ups. The cost savings of an electric mower are significant.

The cordless electric lawn mower is lightweight and very easy to maneuver. They are ideal for small and medium sized lawns. These mowers are designed for people who mow regularly as they keep the grass trimmed. If you have heavy or tall growth, you will require more power than an electric mower can provide.

A cordless electric lawn mower will cost more upfront than a comparable gas powered mower. You will save money over time and enjoy the convenience of an easy-to-start mower, so the extra cost is probably worth it.

The leaders in the industry like Black and Decker make these electric mowers, so they are durable and live up to their expectations. For example, the CMM1200 by Black and Decker is a 24-volt, 19-inch mower that is capable of mowing 1/3 of an acre per charge. It has zero emissions so it is environmentally friendly as well. It also has earned an Energy Star approval.

The lawnmower frame is made of lightweight polymer so it will not rust and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can mulch your lawn clippings as you mow or eject them into a bag. The mowing height is adjustable from 1.5 up to 3.5 inches. When the battery is charged, all you have to do is insert the safety key and the mower easily starts. The key is required in order to prevent an accidental start-up.

This cordless electric lawn mower is the ideal mower for anyone with a small to medium yard. It makes it easy for elderly or weak people to mow since it does not require yanking on a pull cord or avoiding an electrical cord that follows the mower around the yard.

A cordless electric lawn mower will make mowing a lot more pleasant and enjoyable. That means you are less likely to put off the chore and as a result your yard will always look well trimmed and be the envy of the neighborhood.