Caring for your Lawn

To achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn you have to care for it. A well maintained and healthy lawn can add value to your home.

The use of fertilizers and pest control are important to a well-cared for lawn. However, water is an important element in caring for your lawn. It enriches the soil and the grass.

It is important to remember that you should know the type of soil you have you have in your yard and the climate in which you live. It is also important to keep the following in mind when you water the lawn.

Do not overwater

You want to keep your soil moist and soft. Overwatering your lawn can be as bad as not watering your lawn. You can purchase a rain gauge to measure the amount of water you need for your grasses.

When to water

Care for LawnYou should water your lawn when the temperature is cooler and less humid. This generally in the early morning between 8am and 9am and in the late evening from 10am to midnight. If rain is forecasted for your area, do not water your lawn on that day.

What to use

There are two methods of watering your lawn. One is to use a hose with an attachment that allows you to gauge the spray and amount of water that is being released. Another method is to use in ground or above ground sprinklers. When selecting an above ground sprinkler, you should determine how much of the lawn will be covered at a given time. You may have to move the sprinkler to cover the entire lawn. There are above ground sprinklers that move around the yard. The low to the ground sprinklers may be better than the oscillating sprinklers. Water evaporates before it reaches the lawn if the winds are high.

In ground sprinklers can be expensive to install. If you are planning a whole yard landscape project, you may want to consider adding this feature to your budget. These sprinklers are on timers and come on automatically.

A healthy lawn can be a relaxing place for you and your family. It will enhance the appearance of your home.

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