Why You Should Buy Solar Lawn Lights

Why should you buy solar lawn lights for you home? For many different reasons. What a solar out door light is, it is a self contained light, that uses small voltaic solar cells to collect the sun’s rays, store the energy and use it for lighting at night. Depending on type of the bulb, a solar out door light can last up to 12 hours, well more than enough time for an average use. They are virtually maintenance free, and all parts are fully enclosed. The only thing you have to worry about is replacing a bulb once in awhile. Oh that and worrying about what kind to use for you needs, given that there are so many products available.

There is more products out on the market than you can shake a stick at. Because this market is so competitive, prices have not only dropped in recent years, but are staying low. For example, The Westinghouse 401018-08 Bristol Solar Powered Landscape lights is one offering. This is a set of eight stand alone stake lights, with a classic black finish, and using a ‘natural’ white light to illuminate any drive or walkway. You can pick up these beauties for just around forty dollars, around five dollars apiece. Considering that just a few years ago, this same set of lights could have gone for more than fifty dollars.

Again the choices for solar lawn lights styles can be astounding. You can pick up solar powered light and motion detectors, stake lights, light strings, and even several styles of old fashioned lamp posts. You can find lights that can be purchase separately, or in a set or even a string of them, linked together. For security and piece of mind these can’t be beat, because even in power outage, you will still be able to see around your yard.

Now when buying solar lawn lights, it is a good idea to step back for a moment and evaluate the situation. One of the things you should take into consideration is what you are going to need the lights for. If you are just needed to light up a path or walkway, stake lights may be the right ones for you. If you are trying to illuminate at patio or porch, lamp post, and string lights are good options. Some things to remember, although cost have come down, many lesser quality companies are making these lights, but many consumers are finding that they don’t last long.

You should make sure number one that you are buying products that have LED lights. These have a brighter light than most standard bulbs, and their power drawn is very small. A regular solar bulb, even at full charge, may only last six to eight hours, where an LED lamp can last twelve. These are a little higher in price, but worth it over the long run. Really make sure that the voltaic solar cells are of high quality and damage resistant. Don’t compromise here, low quality cells will wear out quickly, and the surfaces can get clouded or damaged from the sun.

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