Birds of Prey Are Fantastic Hunters

Have you given much thought to birds of prey? These are a species of birds that are incredible in their abilities. They have speed capabilities that are equal to that of some land animals. They have the ability to lift large prey. They are fantastic hunters that put the best human hunter to shame. When people compare themselves to animals, a bird of prey should be on the top of their list.

The birds of prey group is a large and diverse family. There are many variations found within this group. It is easy to realize that a big bird, such as the Eagle, is a bird of prey. But even small hunters such as falcons and hawks are members of this family. They are relatively small but they are just as dangerous. The Eagle itself is a enormous bird with a wingspan that ranges from 72-96 inches and it can weigh up to 15 pounds. With their sharp beaks and talons there is not much prey that escapes them.

People have an intense fascination with birds of prey. Even the fact that they are merciless hunters does not dissuade people from admiring their grace and their keen hunting skills. They have eyesight that is far superior to a human’s eye and when combined with speed and sharp hearing you have a bird of immense capabilities. So let other people choose a lion as their favorite animal. You will know that the bird of prey is far superior.

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