Bird Eye Views A Larger Area

There are several terms that people associate with birds. One is “this is for the birds.” Or someone may refer to something fast as “swift as a bird.” People even refer to having a bird’s eye view of something. This means that something is being observed from a high vantage point. But how much does the bird eye actually see, when compared to the human eye or the eye of another animal?

The bird eye is quite similar to the human eye. It has many of the same working parts. The basic structures of a bird’s eye are: eyelids, cornea, retina, anterior chamber, iris and lens. These are the same structures that a human’s eye has but there are differences in how each works. The most obvious difference is that birds have larger eyes in comparison to the rest of their body. The starling’s eye is 15% of its body. The human eye is 1%. Birds can see a greater area but often cannot move the eye itself.

The bird eye is fascinating. Though it is very similar to a human’s eye, it has enough differences as to allow the bird to flourish and survive out in the wild. A wild bird that does not have the correct vision or positioning would face a very dire situation when protecting itself or finding food for survival. If you want to know more about the avian eye, then go to your local library and check out a book about birds.

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