Beware of the Elements That Can Damage the Artificial Grass in Your Garden!

Beware of the Elements That Can Damage the Artificial Grass in Your Garden!

When you want your garden to look green all year round and keep it attractive rain or shine, you install artificial grass. These look fabulous in any kind of flooring in interiors and exteriors, and are used in hundreds of ways in home decor and commercial decoration purposes. The natural green look that it possesses, it’s easy to clean formula, and the longevity it is bestowed with – all these cumulatively make it a preferred choice!

Whether you are using the fake grass as a natural base for your garden or it’s used as an astro turf grass in NZ from Unreal lawns as your sports ground base, these grasses being highly adaptable and extremely comfortable, fit in any condition, serving their purpose very well. But we all know that all things of beauty need some TLC.  Artificial grass is no exception. A patch of fake grass can get spoilt by a number of factors, which can steal its charm or make it useless altogether.

Certain factors that can spoil your fake grass!

To let your artificial grass live longer and in the most attractive form, you have to consider some things and avoid some of them. So, whether you are planning to install artificial grass or you already have them installed, check these factors and try to save your grass as much as you can!

  • Avoid placing them on natural grass — As you consider artificial grass just a like a natural one, you may often place it above the natural one without researching about it. And this is a huge mistake. This layer hides the natural grass, which in turn starts to decompose below, leading to formation of various bumps and pits inside, thus making the otherwise smooth floor uneven. Also, when you pick up the artificial grass for cleaning and washing, you’ll have to bear a pungent smell coming from beneath, because of the decaying natural grass which can be really messy. Always avoid such a mistake, and read the instructions about placing the artificial grass, or let the experts do this task to avoid any such kind of issues.
  • Never use pesticides on it — As natural as it may look, it’s an artificial grass and it shouldn’t be treated with pesticides to kill any pest in it. There’s hardly a chance for any permanent kind of insect or pest infestation in it. So, a regular cleaning does take care of it. And even if pest infestation does happen, you can easily wash the entire layer and get rid of any such problem. But the pesticides that you spray on the artificial grass react chemically with the material it is made of, and can become harmful.
  • Strictly no barbecue party or smoking residues on this grass— When your grass looks so green and inviting, you’ll obviously want to invite your friends over for a dinner party. The cigarettes burning and barbecue happening on the artificial grass although wouldn’t light a fire here, but can heavily damage the grass and make it look really unpresentable. Treat your artificial grass just like a plush carpet!
  • Never park your car on it — An artificial grass on the driveway seems an excellent idea, but your car being parked here for long can create issues. Firstly, car contains engine oil – and if this leaks on the grass and stays on it for a while, can cause the colour of your grass to fade. And if you want to clean the spill, it would be really a tough task! Furthermore, your artificial grass can bear any kind of pressure and handling by you, your kids and pets; but bearing tons of weight of a car can really damage it badly.
  • A big no to sharp edged furniture — If you like creating a space for outdoor entertainment in your garden with some furniture on it – like — tables, chairs, stools, etc. — opt for the ones having flat edges and base, or put some soft cover on the legs. Anything sharp can cut through your grass’ blades, and can also destroy it deep down the base.

Artificial grass has tons of positive attributes to it. All it demands is a mindful handling, and taking care of some minor issues which can cause major problems for it.

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