Better Home Humidifiers

People are most comfortable when the relative humidity level in their home is in the range of 30 to 50 percent. While some people need to use air dehumidifiers because they live in areas where it is very humid, causing that muggy, sticky feeling all the time, others need to add a bit of humidity into the air. This is especially true in the winter time in many areas and humidifiers can add moisture into dry air.

Air that has become too dry, and is below the 30 percent humidity level on a consistent basis, causes a number of problems for the people living in such environments. Dry and cracking skin, dry and itching eyes, tightness and dryness in the throat, drying of the nasal passages and nose bleeds, and various breathing problems, including asthma, can all be eased by using humidifiers when moisture levels in the environment just get too low.

In the last several years, manufacturers have taken customer feedback seriously and have made improvements on many models of humidifiers, making them easier to maintain, clean and fill. There are a number of different styles that are available nowadays that have various capacities and features. If you are outside the home all day and would like to have your environment feeling comfortable when you return, then seek out a model that you can program to turn on prior to your arrival.

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