Benefits of Manual Push Lawn Mowers

If you don’t own your lawn or you have a small lawn that big power mowers aren’t cost effective or you just want to mow your lawn while enjoying the silence of an early Sunday morning, then the manual push lawn mowers may be the right lawn mower for you. Manual push lawn mower can do the job for you minus the hefty investment, operating and environmental costs. And you don’t have to kill yourself pushing your way to god-looking lawns. Gone were the days of rusty, sixty-pound mowers that turn lawns into one child’s torture chamber as the modern push lawn mowers are ergonomically designed, lightweight, quiet, and easier to push than conventional power mowers.

Getting Some Exercise
Push lawn mowers are perfect for people who want to exercise a bit in the morning while enjoying what nature has to offer and without disturbing the neighbors. If you have 7,000 square feet of lawn, you can get a nice set of push lawn mower and get the job done in an hour or so. Because there’s no noise created, stench emitted, and high-powered projectiles flying towards your face, you can start and pause at your own pace. These factors make manual push lawn mowers perfect exercise equipment for grandparents and children.

How Much Does It Costs?
Push lawn mowers are generally cheaper than power mowers. Brand new lawn mower sells at £100 to £200, with professional mowers going over a thousand dollars. With that amount, you can add other mowing equipment like grass catcher, sharpening kit, lawn shoes, lubricant and more. But more than just the initial investment, push lawn mower saves you money on fuel and energy consumption. What is fifteen minutes of pushing if you are helping to save the environment, getting a much needed exercise and having some early morning fun all at the same time?

There are other options available which could cost you a lot less than the price of a brand new push lawn mower. If you can’t fit a brand new push lawn mower in the budget, you can avail of one by buying secondhand and by borrowing or renting a push lawn mower out. Many families across the country have push lawn mowers, apart from the power mowers, so you can borrow or rent it out once a week. The fee is nominal compared to renting a Toro gas mower for a day. Ask your extended family if you can borrow their manual lawn mower once in a while. You can even have them for free or at a bargain.

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