Be Your Own Lawn Tech

It takes a lot of work to get your lawn looking great, but it does not take that much work to maintain it. If you are prepared to put in a lot of your time and also a bit of money, it will show in your lawn. If you are selling your house, and if you are unaware of this, a beautiful lawn will increase the value of your property. You have to keep in mind that during the months of summer and spring, lawn-care consultants can become rather expensive because these are the months when these professionals are fully booked. If you want to steer away from hiring a lawn tech, follow these lawn-care tips and keep your lawn looking great throughout the year.

The first thing that you have to keep in mind whenever you mow the lawn is to do it properly. Many people know exactly how long the grass must be. You also want to make sure that there is enough foliage exposed to the sun. If the grass is cut too short, the grass can become damaged and water will be wasted. When you are cutting the grass do not cut off more than a 1/3.

If you can follow these tips you will not need to hire a lawn tech. Also make sure that you water the grass properly. It all depends on the type of soil and the season that will help you determine the amount of water to give. It is obvious that during the winter months you will not need to water the grass as much as during the summer months. Early in the morning is appropriate to water the lawn. This will ensure that no water is wasted and none is evaporated. You do not have to be a lawn tech to have the know-how. If it has rained excessively during the night, you will probably not have to water the grass for two weeks after that. Try not to water the grass at night, because this promotes insects and fungus problems.

If you are not sure, speak to your lawn tech about fertilizers. They will make sure you choose the right one. You should use a weed killer during the fall and spring months. Dealing with weeds is important if you are serious about the beauty and health of your lawn. If you are using the spray mechanism to sort the weeds, do not use it on a windy day. You must try to avoid the chemicals from touching your skin.

As you can see, there is nothing to it when trying to keep the yard looking great, and you definitely do not have to be a lawn tech to know how to look after your lawn. You will not need to keep spending money to make sure it looks great. Spend an hour or maybe a couple of hours a week and you will always have a great looking lawn that will have outsiders looking in and admiring.

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